Intensive CS:GO Playtime Won’t Propel You Into CS2’s Limited Test

Valve dispels the myth of last-minute playtime as means to enter the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

With the recent release of the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, many dedicated players have gone to great lengths to secure their place in the much-anticipated Test phase. However, if you’re hoping to propel yourself into this coveted event by playing CS:GO intensively or spending a fortune on loot boxes (out of personal experience), Valve has terrible news for you.

I am one of those players who can share a story of disappointment, despite investing 122 hours of playtime in CS:GO since the release of CS2 Limited Test, and spending a whopping 700 euros on loot boxes (which I regret), hoping to soften Valve on their pickings. Unfortunately, all of these efforts have been in vain.

According to a recent tweet from CS2’s official Twitter profile, Valve has clarified that idling on official matchmaking servers in CS:GO does not increase one’s chances of making it into the CS2 Limited Test. The playtime that counts was the playtime prior to the start of the Limited Test, and other factors such as trust factor and Steam account standing also play a role in the selection process.

This news is a brutal reality for players who hoped their last-minute efforts would be rewarded with access to the Limited Test. Valve is looking for CS veterans to test Counter-Strike 2 thoroughly, and simply boosting recent playtime or spending money on loot boxes won’t cut it.

For those who didn’t make it into the Limited Test, it’s important to remember that Counter-Strike 2 is somewhat the same game as CS:GO, with its main features being enhanced smoke grenades, improved lighting, better servers, etc. Also, only one map is available now (Dust 2), so you won’t miss out on anything. However, if you’ve been reading us these days, more maps are confirmed to arrive soon.

So, keep your money, and don’t stress yourself playing too much in the hope of getting access.

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