Dota 2’s 7.33 Matchmaking Changes Are Quite Refreshing, May Be Used in CS2

Immortal MM changes, Rank Confidence, and whatnot else.

Dota 2 has always been a constantly evolving game, and the 7.33 update is no exception. With today’s new major update comes a significant overhaul of the matchmaking system, aimed at providing a more enjoyable and balanced gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Interestingly, this same matchmaking system may traverse to CS2 once it emerges because why not if it’s genuinely better?

The previous matchmaking system in Dota 2 utilized a modified version of the Elo algorithm to determine players’ Matchmaking Rating (MMR). However, over time, several issues arose, including an undesired clumping of MMRs in the 0-1000 range and challenges faced by returning players in regaining their accurate MMR.

New MM Algorithm

Dota 2 has adopted the Glicko algorithm for its new matchmaking system to address these concerns. This algorithm allows for a better consideration of a player’s Rank Confidence, leading to more accurate calculations of Rank gains and losses. With this change, players can expect to be matched with others of similar skill levels more consistently.

Calibration and MMR win/loss changes

The switch to the new matchmaking system is accompanied by introduction of a short calibration mode, initially seeded by players’ previous ranks. Calibration is no longer based on a fixed number of matches. Players are considered calibrated once their Rank Confidence reaches a specific threshold.

MMR gain and loss per match will now be variable, depending on various factors such as the Ranks and Rank Confidence of the participants. However, the gain/loss will be capped to prevent excessively negative outcomes. Additionally, a player’s Rank Confidence will gradually decrease if they remain inactive.

Immortal Rank MM

The 7.33 update also introduces significant changes to the matchmaking process for Immortal-ranked players. Recognizing the importance of player synergy and role balance, the new system replaces pre-made teams with a drafting process. Two captains will select the other eight players, ensuring a more impactful and cohesive team composition.

As for CS2 and its MM system, we’ll have to wait until its summer release.

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