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Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising’s First Patch 1.1 Enhances Player Experience with Quality of Life Improvements

After a successful launch last week, the developers of Katana-Ra: Shinobi Rising have swiftly responded to player feedback with the release of their first patch, Patch 1.1, which addresses various quality-of-life issues. The team is dedicated to continuously refining and expanding the game to create an even more enjoyable experience for its players.

One of the most notable updates in Patch 1.1 is the addition of full controller support, although the developers acknowledge that more improvements are needed to ensure seamless play. The mouse and keyboard remain the most optimal way to control the game. The inclusion of controller support has also allowed for compatibility with the Steam Deck, adding another platform for fans to enjoy the game.

Steam Cloud Saves have been implemented, ensuring players can save their progress to the cloud. The developers also added three new difficulty levels to the game in response to players struggling to defeat the tutorial mini-boss. Additionally, Korean language support has been introduced in anticipation of the game’s upcoming launch in Korea.

Katana-Ra: Shinobi Patch 1.1


Full Controller Support

– more improvements are still needed on this. Everything works with a controller, however, due to the fact that the character and the camera operate independently – in parts of the map this still causes issues. We will continue to iterate on that in upcoming patches. Mouse and Keyboard still is the most seamless way to play the game for now.

Steam Deck Support
  • Now that controller support is implemented, you can play on a Steam Deck.
Steam Cloud Saves
  • Steam now saves your save game to the cloud.
New difficulty levels added
  • We noticed that many people were having difficulty getting past the tutorial mini-boss. Three difficulty levels now exist in the game.
Korean Launguage Added
  • Because we are launching in Korea soon 😀
Low Graphics Settings Removed
  • This was added initially because the game is an Unreal 5 engine game, and I wanted an option for people with old machines to play the game. This caused more issues than it solved – this has been removed.


Indicators improved for combat targeting – There were too many indicators. Some were too small. This has been fixed.
Right click rotation improved
  • Right click rotation has moved to a more standard click, hold and rotate model.
Increased camera time on post-death clues
  • camera time on clue hints was too fast, this has been improved
Guard Captain boss fight grenade projectile bug fixed
  • The grenade projectile was just going all over the place. It is now more targeted.

Bug Fixes

Staircase collision bug
  • The first staircase by the first clue is occasionally bugged out in a collision. This has been fixed.
Intermittent bug on Disengage fixed
  • Sometimes when you Disengage, the enemy does not de-aggro. This has been fixed.

Thank you for supporting us, we will continue to add to the game over time and the post-launch Roadmap will be posted next week!

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