Two New Games Illuminate the Expanding Universe of Dead by Daylight

With seven successful years under its belt, the terrifying universe of Dead by Daylight expands beyond its core, stepping into uncharted horror territories. Behaviour Interactive, the mastermind behind this popular asymmetrical horror video game, collaborates with renowned studios Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment to enrich the game’s universe with new, immersive experiences.

Supermassive Games, renowned for narrative-rich titles such as Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, is set to develop a single-player interactive story game under the Dead by Daylight banner. This ambitious endeavor promises an intense narrative experience, where players will navigate through life-or-death choices against the eerie backdrop of Dead by Daylight. Given Supermassive’s reputation for dramatic narratives and engaging quick-time events, fans can expect a thrilling expansion of the game’s lore. More information about this exciting project will be shared later in 2023.

On the other hand, Midwinter Entertainment, acquired by Behaviour Interactive in 2022 and known for its co-op game Scavengers, is venturing into a multiplayer player-versus-environment game. This upcoming project explores themes of greed and power in a strange new corner of The Entity’s Realm. It will allow teams of up to four players to collaborate and tackle the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

These game developments mark significant steps in the larger strategy to spread the Dead by Daylight mythology beyond its original platform.

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