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Pokemon Go Some Players Reconsider Getting the Go Plus + Device After Recent Go Plus Issues

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go launched the new Pokemon Go Plus + device, but not everyone wants to get it. Why? Well, recently, there have been issues with the Go Plus device, and some players reconsider getting the new device.

The Pokemon Go Plus + is a new device introduced in the game. This device can be paired with Pokemon Go, and when paired, players will receive the Nightcap Snorlax Special Research. The device has an auto mode and can throw PokeBalls automatically. Players can also use GreatBalls, and UltraBalls in auto mode, and keep track of their sleep. But be careful, before purchasing Pokemon Go Plus +, make sure to check the system requirements of this device as well as those of the apps it works with.

Recently, Pokemon Go players report issues with the Go Plus device, which makes the game not fun to play. Our report says the Go Plus is not catching Pokemon, and not spinning PokeStops, but it looks like there are more issues.

But these are not the only issues with the Go Plus. Pokemonprofessor121 explained that he has been using the Go Plus device for a long time, and never had so many issues as the previous week. The player is not happy and says “This week has been exceptionally terrible and it’s making me lose faith in Niantic.”

Here is a list of issues Pokemonprofessor121 pointed out on TSR, so feel free to check them out below:

  • There is a known issue with the settings defaulting to not catch Pokémon or spin stops
  • There is a known issue where people need to toggle the settings to get the device to work
  • Issue 2 is recurring if the device is not active for a while (sitting at a coffee shop, etc)
  • I am having more issues with my plus disconnecting this week than I ever have, and like I said, it’s never been great
  • I have been having constant issues with the game becoming non-responsive this week when I am connected to the plus, causing as many as 5+ resets in 15 minutes. Each time I reset I have to deal with issues #1 and #2 again and again
  • Sometimes resetting the game isn’t enough to reconnect the plus and I need to reset my phone. Then issue 1 and 2 reoccur of course

Would you give it a try and get the biggest auto catcher ever made?

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