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Fall Guys Summer Breeze Patch Notes

As the warm embrace of summer continues, Mediatonic sweeps players off their feet with the latest Summer Breeze update for Fall Guys. A game renowned for its charming blend of chaotic fun, quirky beans, and unpredictable obstacle courses, Fall Guys never ceases to amaze its dedicated community with fresh and inventive content.

This isn’t just another content drop; it heralds a transformation in how Mediatonic approaches the game’s evolution. The team has decided to transition away from the traditional Seasons model in favor of more regular updates. This promises an evolving playground, giving players increased opportunities to play, create, and tailor their experiences.

You can find the patch notes below.


From pillars to platforms, Fall Guys Creative receives numerous obstacles for Builder Beans to fill up the Blunderdome with. You’ll definitely have a blast with the new fans…

Carriable Fans: You’ll be blown away by Carriable Fans. The new breezy block can be moved around the level by Beans, allowing them to blast themselves and each other to new heights. Or off the level!

Floating Spinning Beams: Many Beans will get beamed with the new Floating Spinning Beams. Creators are no longer bound by gravity, and can place the sweeping trap wherever they like.

Where can you see these new, fun and fantastic obstacles? In our new Rounds of course, which will be available to play from 17th August! We’re adding 4 new Rounds featuring our new Carriable fans:

  • Gappy-go-Lucky
  • Fun with Fans
  • Drop n’ Drag
  • Blocky Bridges

There’s also more new obstacles and objects to play with, the following will be available now in Creative when you’re building an “Original” themed Round!

  • Bowl Platform
  • Inflatable Hill
  • Slope Barrier
  • Trench
  • Plain Barrier
  • Hoop Platform
  • Pillar


We’re excited to announce that we are opening the vault and bringing back a selection of your favourite rounds. We will have the full list of which Rounds will be available in the Main Show so stay tuned for more news soon…

Be sure to check out our Fall Guys Owl channel for updates!


A couple of quality of life changes will make lobbies more fun, and the camera more manoeuvrable. No need to keep your emotions in check—we’ve unlocked the ability to emote in the lobby. Kick every Round off with a dance party or pose-a-thon while waiting for the game to begin.

We added one of the most requested changes to Fall Guys, the ability to look up! Beans can now see more of the level they’re stumbling over with the vertical camera improvement, perfect for more vertically challenging Rounds, or to look at a lovely balloon.

And now on to the bug fixes!


  • Various minor softlocks and cosmetic issues have now been fixed
  • Fixed instances where players could not click the “Back” prompt using a mouse in the Creative Mode menus
  • Added a placeholder image to the My Levels menu for instances where a thumbnail cannot be rendered
  • Fixed instances where a new Fame Pass would not load in the store if a player has the game open over the refresh time
  • Fixed the Blizzard and Floor fans not having SFX in the Level Editor
  • Fixed draggable objects rapidly respawning when placed at the bottom of a level
  • Fixed visual jitters when holding a carriable Fan whilst on a ramp
  • [XBOX] Fixed the A button becoming unresponsive in some instances when players open the Party Menu
  • [PS5] Fixed draggable boxes lacking collision SFX
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