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Path of Exile 3.22.0b Hotfix 4 Notes Revealed

Grinding Gear Games has released a new hotfix, 3.22.0b Hotfix 4, for their popular ARPG, Path of Exile. This update brings a slew of improvements and bug fixes.

Players who’ve encountered assets not loading will be pleased to know that the renderer has been improved. This will address these issues, ensuring a smoother game flow. Additionally, the update enhances client performance specifically for lower-core CPUs, meaning players with older hardware should see a notable difference.

Changing the texture quality in-game should now properly reload the textures, thanks to a bug fix in this hotfix. Moreover, the Delve Subterranean Chart has been corrected to show hidden paths only after discovering them, eliminating confusion among players. You can find the patch notes below:

3.22.0b Hotfix 4

  • Improved renderer to help fix situations where assets were not loading.
  • Improved client performance for lower-core CPUs.
  • Fixed a bug where changing Texture Quality sometimes did not properly reload the textures.
  • Fixed a bug where the Delve Subterranean Chart was showing hidden paths before they had been found.
  • Fixed a client crash.

You will need to restart your client to receive the client changes in this patch.

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