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Destiny 2 September 2 patch notes, Eidolon Ally Auto Rifle unavailable

In a recent hotfix rolled out on today, Bungie has changed the availability of the Eidolon Ally auto rifle in Destiny 2. Due to an unspecified issue, players will find that this popular weapon can no longer be pulled from their Collections.

The developers have been relatively tight-lipped about the exact nature of the problem with the Eidolon Ally auto rifle. However, they have confirmed that the weapon has been temporarily removed from Collections. This means that players who have previously acquired this weapon will not be able to reclaim it until further notice.

Bungie assures that players can reacquire the Eidolon Ally auto rifle once a fix has been deployed. Until then, players are advised to keep an eye on official announcements for updates regarding this matter.

Destiny 2 September 2 Update


  • Due to an issue, the Eidolon Ally auto rifle can no longer be pulled from Collections.
  • Players will be able to reacquire this weapon once a fix has been deployed.
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  1. Is the writer been sleeping? Follow cheese forever channel u will learn alot more details it got disabled because of core generation loop hole.

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