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Pokémon GO XP boost in Friendship levels, detailed breakdown for Good to Best Friends during Adventures Abound Season

Trainers, as you might know, the Adventures Abound Season has kicked off in Pokémon GO, and it’s all about friendships – literally. For the entirety of this season, you’ll get 1.5x XP for leveling up your friendships. Let’s dig into what this means and how you can make the most of it.

Before we get too deep into the new bonuses, let’s do a quick refresher on how friendships work in Pokémon GO. Adding friends enables a whole realm of gameplay options, from sending gifts to trading Pokémon. Once you’re connected, you’ll see each other’s Trainer profiles, achievements, and more. If you have younger Trainers in the house, be aware that parental controls can limit these features.

When you connect with other Trainers, they can see your Trainer profile, your stats, and which Pokémon you’ve caught recently. You can always adjust your privacy settings if you want to limit what others see. Want to see who’s online? Toggle your Online Status in the Friend List for that real-time connection.

The core of the friendship system in Pokémon GO is its leveling. You have five Friendship levels to achieve: Friends, Good Friends, Great Friends, Ultra Friends, and Best Friends. As you play together, you’ll unlock bonuses that range from trade perks to raid boosts. Each level has its own set of requirements and bonuses:

Good Friend

  • Requirements: 1 day of play together
  • Bonuses: Special trades unlocked
  • New XP: 4,500 (up from 3,000)

Great Friend

  • Requirements: 7 days of play together
  • Bonuses: Reduced Stardust cost for trades, raid boosts
  • New XP: 15,000 (up from 10,000)

Ultra Friend

  • Requirements: 30 days of play together
  • Bonuses: Even more Stardust reductions and raid boosts
  • New XP: 75,000 (up from 50,000)

Best Friend

  • Requirements: 90 days of play together
  • Bonuses: The ultimate in Stardust reduction and raid bonuses
  • New XP: 150,000 (up from 100,000)

So, what does the Adventures Abound Season mean for you? All those XP numbers you see above are 1.5x the usual amount because of the seasonal bonus. This is the perfect time to level up those friendships and bask in that extra XP.

To summarize, the Adventures Abound Season offers an exciting opportunity to level up your friendships and gain more XP. Don’t miss out on this chance to grow your relationships in the Pokémon world and maybe even snag some extra Premier Balls in raids.

Tell us, have you maxed out your friendships yet? What are your experiences with the new Adventures Abound Season? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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