The Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed as Xbox Exclusive?

The world is in shock with the latest release of documents from the FTC v. Microsoft case. As detailed by The Verge, these developments, while not entirely unforeseen, are poised to reshape the landscape of console competition and the ethos of gaming exclusivity for the foreseeable future. Let’s dissect the revelations and their implications for the broader gaming spectrum:

Bethesda’s highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI has been confirmed to launch exclusively on Xbox and PC, bypassing PlayStation entirely. This is a considerable move by Microsoft and signals their intentions for the future.

Initially unveiled in 2018, The Elder Scrolls VI has been shrouded in mystery. With speculations rife about its launch date and platform affiliations, it is now apparent that fans might have to wait until at least 2026, a timeline that could very well reshape console loyalties and perhaps usher in new hardware evolutions.

Phil Spencer, the figurehead of Xbox, stressed the importance of delivering a “full complete package” to Xbox loyalists. This resonates with Microsoft’s aspiration to not just hoard exclusive titles but to offer an unrivaled gaming experience exclusive to its domain.

Bethesda’s other crown jewels, Starfield and Redfall, set the precedent, being launched as Xbox exclusives. These decisions might have served as pilot tests, gauging community response and setting the stage for big-ticket releases like The Elder Scrolls VI.

Undeniably, this strategic pivot will leave many in the PlayStation camp disheartened. While games like Deathloop and Ghostwire found their way to PlayStation due to pre-existing contracts, indications are that forthcoming major Bethesda launches might veer towards Xbox exclusivity, especially for new IPs.

Comparing the handling of Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online, which were multi-platform to ensure player base continuity, it’s evident that Microsoft is more inclined to use exclusivity as a tool for newer franchises and titles. Redfall and Starfield serve as examples.

Beyond The Elder Scrolls VI, this move highlights the aggressive strategy Microsoft is employing after its Bethesda acquisition. Streaming PC cloud games, briefings on the next Nintendo Switch, and reactions to the PS5 announcement are only some details painting a picture of a tech giant fully immersing itself.

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