Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link Closed Beta Test Announcements in UK and Australia Excite Fans

Sure, video game news usually follows a specific format. You get the headline, the key facts, and maybe some quotes. But let’s divert from that path for a moment. Imagine you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan. Your heart probably skipped a beat when you saw the words “Missing Link” and “closed beta” in the same sentence. That’s the pulse we’re riding on today.

Okay, back to basics. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is causing quite a stir among fans. This new mobile game from Square Enix is set for release in 2024. But players in the UK and Australia don’t have to wait that long to get a taste of the action. A Closed Beta Test is being organized for these regions, and guess what? You can register right now!

Registration is open, and the testing is happening soon, between November 29 and December 8, for iOS users. Android users must wait a little longer, with their closed beta scheduled in January 2024. All you have to do to be considered is head to the Kingdom Hearts website and submit your application.

And what’s the game about, exactly? It’s called a “GPS-based action RPG” for iOS and Android. Sounds pretty interesting. Plus, a recently dropped trailer shows off battles in diverse settings, with foes we know all too well, the Heartless.

The closed beta test supports PS4, PS5, and Xbox controllers. So you can navigate and fight in comfort.

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