Square Enix Shares content guidelines for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

With the upcoming launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix has provided guidelines for content sharing to balance with the protection of the game’s intellectual property. The company’s statement, communicated through Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s Creative Director.

The guidelines specify what content can be shared, which includes fan kits, official website materials, in-game text, screenshots, videos, and music tracks. However, certain materials, like those in the digital artbook and soundtrack, are prohibited from sharing. Square Enix delineates what is allowed for individuals who monetize content and those who do not, emphasizing the need for proper licensing for music through JASRAC.

For content creators, the guidelines mandate the display of legal notices and credit lines to ensure that Square Enix’s trademarks and copyright notices are correctly attributed. Moreover, the company provides directives on how to handle significant plot points in the game, urging the use of spoiler alerts to protect the narrative for new players.

Furthermore, Square Enix prohibits using game content on certain websites and services, including those that require payment for access, are aimed at adults only, or are related to illegal, immoral, or antisocial activities. They also forbid commercial use outside of approved revenue systems provided by platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Finally, the guidelines clarify that Square Enix reserves the right to request content removal and may update the guidelines as needed. The company also disclaims responsibility for any third-party rights issues that may arise from using game materials.

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