Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 rumors circulate about the game potentially reaching the Xbox Series X/S

Square Enix’s acclaimed action RPG, Final Fantasy 16, is currently a PlayStation 5 exclusive, with plans for a PC version underway. However, the rumors circulate about the game potentially reaching the Xbox Series X/S. These speculations gained traction following discussions between Square Enix and Microsoft about possibly introducing Final Fantasy 7 Remake to the Xbox lineup.

Adding fuel to the fire, Nick Baker, co-founder of XboxEra, hinted in a recent Infinite Podcast episode that an Xbox adaptation of Final Fantasy 16 might be on the horizon. Details regarding the release timeline for the RPG on Microsoft’s platform remain under wraps.

The game is also poised to expand its footprint with a second expansion, The Rising Tide, scheduled for release later this year. The timeline for the game’s Xbox debut, whether it aligns with these developments or not, is still a topic of speculation.

It’s important to highlight that Square Enix expressed its intention to strengthen its collaboration with Microsoft in July, aiming to make more gaming titles available on Xbox consoles. This commitment is evident with the anticipated launch of Final Fantasy 14 for Xbox Series X/S this spring and Visions of Mana in the summer.

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