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Modern Warfare 2 October 17 Update Rolls Out The Haunting and More

The October 17 update for Modern Warfare 2 has a lot to offer. This update is significant, not just because it brings new Operators and crossovers, but also because it introduces The Haunting Halloween event.

This Halloween-themed event is a highlight, transforming various maps into eerie battlegrounds filled with ghostly elements and haunted vibes. Expect creepy new game modes designed for some good scares. It’s not just about the visuals; new audio cues add an unsettling atmosphere that will keep players on their toes.

The season continues, introducing new Operators, such as Al Simmons and Spawn, at the start of the Battle Pass. A host of Halloween-themed Operators, like Burned Spawn and Creepy Clown, make their entrance, fitting right into The Haunting’s aesthetic.

New skins add an extra layer of excitement. Gaia represents Mother Nature, and Violator appears in his true form. Halloween-themed skins are also making their debut, adding to the event’s eerie ambiance.

Franchise crossovers bring characters like Diablo’s Inarius and Lilith, Skeletor from Overlord of Evil, Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2, and Alucard from Hellsing into the game. A special DOOM Tracer Weapon Bundle is another unexpected but entirely welcome addition.

Level up with an expanded Prestige System, now capped at 1,250. Each new Prestige Rank brings fresh rewards, making the gameplay even more engaging.

The roadmap leading to Modern Warfare III is now available, complete with many events and updates that will unfold until its November 10 release. A beta version will also be available for players wanting an early experience of the new game.

The October 17 update is chock-full of new content, from The Haunting event to new Operators, skins, and much more. Whether you’re an experienced player or a newcomer, there’s plenty here to keep you engaged.

For the complete list of changes, check here.

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