Netflix Aims to Add Grand Theft Auto to Its Growing Gaming Library

Netflix, the well-known streaming service, is looking to expand its foothold in the video gaming world by adding the popular game Grand Theft Auto to its platform. This news comes from a recent Wall Street Journal report, which cites discussions between Netflix and Take-Two Interactive, the owner of the Grand Theft Auto intellectual property.

Although many people are waiting for news about the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, it seems this Netflix deal is not focused on the not-yet-released Grand Theft Auto 6. There have been reports that Grand Theft Auto 6 received a rating from the Australian Classification website. Still, it appears that Netflix’s current interest lies in adding an existing game from the franchise to its platform.

So far, Netflix has offered chiefly more miniature mobile games to its subscribers. However, the move to include a game from the Grand Theft Auto series signals a significant shift in the company’s strategy to offer more substantial titles. This approach could attract a broader range of users interested in more than just casual gaming.

Netflix is making quite a serious investment in the gaming sector. Reports suggest that the streaming giant has already spent around $1 billion in its endeavors to include video games on its platform. There are no signs that the company plans to reduce this investment, hinting that we might see even more exciting developments in the future.

In a related development, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 received a MA15+ rating from the Australian Classification website. This is noteworthy because the previous title, Grand Theft Auto 5, received a stricter MA18+ rating. While this news doesn’t directly relate to Netflix’s current plans, it gives fans something to discuss as they await the next game.

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