New Trailer for Persona 5 Tactica Highlights Combat Skills of the Phantom Thieves

Atlus and Sega have unveiled a fresh trailer for their upcoming tactical RPG game, Persona 5 Tactica, and fans of the original Persona 5 are in for a treat. The latest trailer puts the spotlight squarely on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, giving us a detailed look at their combat capabilities.

The trailer breaks down the abilities of several key characters, offering a sneak peek into how these heroes will operate on the tactical battlefield. Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki, Yusuke Kitagawa, Makoto Niijima, Futaba Sakura, and Haru Okumura all make appearances, each showing off their unique combat style.

For instance, Ann Takamaki employs abilities designed to Burn enemies, along with a special attack that can deliver explosives to foes hidden behind obstacles. Ryuji Sakamoto opts for a more direct approach with his shotgun and lightning spells, which can cause a Shock effect on opponents. His unique skill is handy for attacking multiple enemies lined up in a row.

The first character spotlight trailer, released in July, introduced us to a brand new character, Toshiro Kasukabe. A young member of the National Diet, Kasukabe has already stirred speculation about potentially becoming the next Prime Minister. He’s described as having a severe and aggressive personality, adding another layer of intrigue to the game.

Scheduled for release on November 17, Persona 5 Tactica will be available across various platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Notably, an earlier trailer confirmed that fan favorites Kasumi and Akechi will be joining the game as downloadable content available from day one.

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