Persona 5 Tactica Quests, Bonus Challenges and New Game Plus

Persona 5 Tactica, the latest offering from Atlus, is more than just a spin-off of the popular Persona 5 game. Aside from its core story that centers around the Phantom Thieves and their battles against the Legionnaires, the game also promises extra content to keep players engaged. This includes quests with unique challenges and storylines and bonus challenges in both special and regular stages.

Quests are More Than Just Side Missions

Players can look forward to various quests that offer unique challenges and stories. While following the Phantom Thieves on their adventure, you’ll have the chance to engage in stages that require different strategies, like moving a box to a goal using melee attacks while dodging explosives. Completing these quests will reward you with GP, which you can use to unlock skills and create stronger Personas.

Bonus Challenges for the Win

In addition to quests, Persona 5 Tactica includes bonus challenges players can participate in during regular stages. These three challenges come with conditions, such as clearing a stage in a set number of turns or ensuring that no allies are taken down. Completing these challenges is a great way to earn extra money and XP to boost your progress in the game.

Replay Feature

The game includes a handy Replay feature that allows players to revisit previous stages. This is especially useful for gathering more XP, money, and Personas or trying your hand at bonus challenges, you may have missed the first time.

New Game Plus

For those who complete the game and are looking for more, Persona 5 Tactica includes a New Game Plus mode. This allows you to carry over any unlocked Persona fusions, cash, weapons, and more into a new playthrough. It’s an excellent opportunity to complete the Compendium or challenge yourself with a higher level of difficulty, in line with what you’d expect from other Persona games.

Special Art and More

Last but not least, Persona 5 Tactica will also feature Special Art, adding to its roster of unlockable concept art and illustrations. This gives fans of the series even more to look forward to.

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