Pokémon Center Pikachu Van Gogh Promo Cards customer backlash as complaints are not accepted

You might remember those cute Pikachu cards that were made in a Van Gogh style, well, there is a certain problem with arriving to customers.

Recently, many Pokémon fans reached out to express their complaints about the arrival of the Pikachu Van Gogh cards, alongside canvases. Some took to Support and to be honest, they did not even want to find a solution. The response that players received back from Pokémon Center Support was absolutely miserable.

Pokémon Center Support informed the players that any orders that were made before noon on September 29, 2023, were considered a violation of their terms of service, so due to this, they can’t provide any further assistance. But the catch is this: nearly everything was gone before noon. Does this mean that every person that ordered before noon on September 29, 2023, will have their orders canceled by Pokémon Center Support?

How Pokémon Center Support even allows for this to happen is something that has been puzzling my mind for quite some time.

What do you think? Has this happened to you?

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