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Pokémon player collects all six gold plated Pokemon Cards from Burger King after 25 years

Trainers, you won’t believe the marathon journey one dedicated fan just completed. It took 25 years of unwavering dedication, but this die-hard finally did it, they collected all six gold-plated Pokémon cards from Burger King. They’re not just hogging the limelight; they generously shared their moment of triumph on a Pokémon Go Facebook community.

But this golden tale got us thinking, what’s the real deal behind these gold Pokémon cards? They’re certainly not your everyday trading cards. There are multiple tiers of Pokémon bling, each with its unique worth and rarity.

When we talk about Gold Pokémon Cards, we’re entering a fascinating realm that spans both time and value. Take the Standard Gold Cards, for example. These are your everyday cards that have been given a swanky upgrade, featuring embellishments like gold foil or gold stars. You’ll often discover these glamorous cards hiding in packs and boosters, almost as if they’re waiting for the right trainer to recognize their sparkle.

Then there’s a unique category that holds a certain nostalgia, the 1999 Metal Cards. These treasures, which were promotional items from Burger King, sent our dedicated collector on a 25-year odyssey. Rolled out in conjunction with the first Pokémon movie, these metallic mementos serve as both collectibles and sentimental artifacts. But wait, there’s more, we’ve got the Real Gold Cards. These aren’t just for show; they’re made of genuine 24-karat gold. The Pokémon Company releases these ultra-rare gems only on special occasions, making them some of the most sought-after collectibles. So, if you ever find yourself holding one, know that you’ve got a piece of Pokémon history in your hands.

You’re not going to stumble upon these golden unicorns too easily. To give you an idea, more than 200 different gold versions have been printed so far. The odds? You’re likely to find just one in every couple of booster boxes you tear through.

Yet, a card’s rarity isn’t the sole determining factor for its worth. Cards can get graded on a scale of 1 to 10, based on their condition. Plus, some cards become fan favorites, skyrocketing their value. If you happen upon a pristine, Grade-10 gold Pikachu, you’re essentially holding a golden ticket.

So what’s our take? Gold Pokémon cards are a blend of tangible and sentimental value. They’re trophies, commemorating the fandom, the history, and the sheer excitement of collecting. Just ask our newfound hero who took 25 years to complete their golden dream. That’s not just a card; that’s a narrative, a connection, a slice of personal history.

Share your golden stories with us. Do you have any precious cards in your collection? Let’s hear it.

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  1. I still have them all pluss some doubles from when I worked at burgerking. I see them on Ebay all the time but only for 250 or 300 for the set not worth selling mine.

  2. I have the mew two, togapi, and Charizard! I had no idea they were collectible none are in super clean clear condition though hehe

  3. Lol this is worth a story, just because it took years for one person. I owned all of them since a kid cus I live nearby BK and I managed to gathered them from people who don’t want dupes. I always get kids meal with my hard earned money mowing and selling lemonade at age 7 when it was normal to be outside around the Neighborhood without supervision. Sure I didn’t went through the same route as this person did spending his whole life finding these. But the story never mention why it took so long……………………… they’re not hard…. you can literally buy them… it don’t take 24 years to own them. It takes less than a week of work to make enough to buy. But congrats lol.

  4. This feels like it’s just trying for click bait. I’ve had the six gold player cards since the bk had them. I guess I need to write some awesome tale of going to Burger King as a kid with my family and was smart enough to know value you collecting

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