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Teamfight Tactics 13.20 Patch Notes for October 10

Teamfight Tactics is back with yet another update that will shake up the game. The 13.20 patch is full of balance changes and reworks, but what stands out are the new For Fun Patch features. These are designed to offer players a break from the competitive scene with inventive and entertaining twists. Below you can find the complete patch notes.

Teamfight Tactics 13.20 Patch Notes for October 10

elcome to Portals – Remastered!

13.20 is packed full of balance changes, reworks, and an early appearance of our latest For Fun Patch invention that’ll remaster your favorite Portals (and The Sump and Stillwater Hold) by combining all their effects AT THE SAME TIME! If you wanna read up on why the team makes these For Fun Patches, check out this conversation with the creator of Runeterra Reforged’s For Fun Patch (Philip), the dynamic duo (Alex and Mort), and the most handsome man in gaming. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have the fluffiest, most cuddly Tactician of all time, Fluft of Poros, making an avalanche on the Convergence with their finisher animation.

Rodger “Riot Prism” Caudill




 New combination portals can now appear in the voting selection during Normal games only. Enjoy some games with multiple of your favorite portals active at the same time! List below:

  • Beats by Scuttle: Scuttle Puddle + Jayce’s Workshop
  • Foodfight Tactics: Bandle City Cafeteria + Marus Omegnum
  • Ionian Duet: God Willow’s Grove + Placidium Library
  • Center Stage: House Lightshield + Hearth-Home + Placidium Library
  • Basement Show: The Sump + Stillwater Hold
  • Processional Dirge: Targon Prime + Yorick’s Graveyard
  • VIP Lounge: Finn’s Market + Warlord’s Palace
  • Crescendo: Cardinal Arcology + Ecliptic Vaults
  • Chill Beats: Valar’s Hollow + Hearth-Home + Ornn’s Forge
  • Opening Act: The University + Ehrenmount
  • The Golden Era: Glasc Industries + Shuriman Bazaar
  • Rock’n’Rollin: Ixaocan + Slaughter Docks
  • High Notes: Rat Town + Yuumi’s Zoom Zone
  • Battle of the Sands: Fleshing Arena + Shifting Sands
  • Ruptured Harmony: Travel to a random Remastered Portal location not currently shown.



 Legends say this fluft heralds the pororagnarok. Fluft of Poros has their own finisher animation starring an avalanche of cuddly Poros, which is perhaps the best way to receive the news of getting 8th place.

  • Our new Mythic Tactician, Fluft of Poros, is available as Star Content via Treasure Realms until the end of patch 13.21 (next patch). There will also be Poro variants, as highlighted drops.
  • After Fluft of Poros, in patch 13.22, we’ll be bringing back DRX Aatrox for one patch only.



 We’re introducing a new feature to enhance Team Planner and your roll downs! As a reminder, you can adjust your Team Planner loadout on the fly!

  • Plan your team comp in Team Planner, then turn on in-game reminders to see your selected champions marked in the Shop.


 Large, like my love for Fluft of Poros.


 We’re flattening out the power curve for Bilgewater to make it appropriately strong as you continue to reach high breakpoints. The Bilgewater 9 buff is focused on the flat cannonball damage, as you’re typically fielding a crew that’s not all capable of utilizing the stored damage dealt percentage.

Multicaster comps have been dependent on hitting 3-star of everything due to the way their trait amplifies the base damage of their spell. Once they’re 3-star, and you have all 4 of them, they’ll be able to one-shot boards, but they often struggle to make it there. To solve these problems we’re doing a few individual champion changes, alongside reworking the trait to have smoother power breakpoints (2/3/4), and a separate lever to give power to non-itemized Multicasters at Multicaster (4) rather than giving them more damage burst.

We expect Mutlicaster (4) reroll to be the best version of the comp and alongside buffs to Twisted Fate and Sona, 2/3 Multicaster can be viable splashes in other comps like Demacia, Bilgewater, and Sorcs. Be sure to try out the reroll verticals and splashes alike and let us know what you think!

Ionia’s Emblem is providing far too much power for it also to contribute to a trait with powerful breakpoints so we’re taking some of its Attack Speed away.

Shurima is struggling at the moment, and their main carry, Azir, is really weak, both in Shurima verticals and Strategist-heavy boards. We’ve got buffs for both of these traits, with our Strategist buffs in the small section focused on empowering the deeper 4 and 5 Strategist.

With Zaun, we’re buffing the Overcharged versions of each chem-mod to ensure all variations of Zaun 4 and 6 are worth chasing!

  • Bilgewater 3 (unchanged but here for reference): 100 + 33% damage dealt
  • Bilgewater 5 Damage: 150 + 55% damage dealt  170 + 60% damage dealt
  • Bilgewater 7 (unchanged but here for reference): 325 + 70% damage dealt
  • Bilgewater 9 flat Damage: 800  999
  • REWORKED Multicaster 2/4  2/3/4
  • Multicaster 2: Cast 1 additional time at 55% reduced effectiveness.
  • Multicaster 3: Cast 1 additional time at 30% reduced effectiveness.
  • Multicaster 4: Cast 1 additional time at 20% reduced effectiveness. Multicaster attacks grant 5 bonus Mana.
  • Ionia Emblem bonus Attack Speed: 33%  25%
  • Rogue Bleed damage: 60%  55%
  • Shurima Ascension bonus: 0/20/50/90%  0/30/60/111%
  • Vanquisher Bonus Crit Chance: 15/35/75%  15/35/55%
  • Zaun, Adaptive Implant Bonus AP/AD/Omnivamp: 30%  35%
  • Zaun, Shimmer Injector Overcharged Heal: 80%  100%
  • Zaun, Virulent Bioware Overcharged Damage over time: 3.5% Max HP/s  4% Max HP/s
  • Zaun, Unstable Chemtank HP Bonus: 30%  40%
  • Zaun, Robotic Arm Overcharge Bugfix: Now deals pre-mitigation true damage (this is a buff)


 We’re flattening Cho’Gath’s bonus HP on kill across star levels. This will allow him to fit better under the power ceiling of a 1-cost that he’s so often seen bursting through at 3-stars, but this will also help out the lowly 1-star Cho that you play just to hit the Void or Bruiser trait breakpoint.This will also make the difference between hitting that 2-star Cho early versus later a bit smaller.

Orianna is our weakest 1-cost whose single target damage and shielding fail to make her a unit worth fielding outside of being a trait-bot. But unlike Orianna, who gave her heart to her father, we have the heart to give her some buffs that will allow her to cast more frequently via a lower max Mana, and a higher Attack Speed. Maybe one day, she too will get to be an item holder.

  • Cho’Gath Feast Health On Kill: 30/35/40  35
  • Graves Smoke Grenade damage: 220/220/230% AD  200/200/205% AD
  • Orianna Attack Speed 0.7  0.75
  • Orianna Attack Damage 40  35
  • Orianna max Mana buff: 30/80  20/70


 Taliyah is currently underperforming even in her Double Trouble dream comp. With this buff, we’re not only giving her some compensation damage after our Multicaster rework, but also attempting to make her more playable in both Shurima and Mutlicaster comps.

Sett’s our best 2-cost right now, finding success at the core of our two most dominant comps (Ionia Vanquisher and Ashe Reroll). His utility and tankiness make him a snowball unit to slam items on early, and a consistent frontliner late.

  • Taliyah Seismic Shove damage: 180/270/410% AP  200/300/450% AP
  • Taliyah Seismic Shove passive Boulder damage: 110/160/240% AP  120/180/270% AP
  • Sett max Mana nerf: 40/90  60/110
  • Sett Ionia Bonus Health: 200  180


 Dare-bear (that’s my pet name for Darius btw) has failed to execute as a reroll carry in Horizonbound. With a better AD ratio, he’s not only going to be much stronger with AD items, but also with the Noxus traits.

Nautilus just really wants that Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak that you’ve been giving Cho’Gath this whole time. He’ll do wonders with them, he promises!

Rek’Sai’s weakness is punching through beefy frontliners. While our rework that added the marked system helped her here, it required hitting 3-stars for the Void Burrower to do just that—burrow into the enemy backline. We’re now allowing her marks to persist until the end of combat instead of being consumed on the next bite to help her repeat casts cut through those high Armor Bastions and Thornmail enthusiasts. To account for this added power, and because her 3-star version was already performing well post-rework, we’re lowering her damage ratio on the initial bite especially at 3-stars.

Big things are happening with Multicaster this patch. One of them is the Sona rework, which will sharpen her role as a utility carry who can continually amp your team’s Attack Speed! Try positioning her to hit your other Multicasters at Multicaster 4, Etwahl surely be successful.

Editor’s note: Etwahl is the name of Sona’s instrument, but even knowing that will not save the pun above.

  • Darius Noxian Guillotine AD ratio: 300% AD  350% AD
  • Nautilus max Mana buff: 80/160  60/140
  • Nautilus bonus Resistance Amplification: 30%  35%
  • NEW Rek’Sai’s bite marker will now persist until the end of combat instead of being consumed.
  • Rek’Sai Furious Bite AD ratio: 290/290/300%  250/250/255%
  • Rek’Sai Marked Bite true damage AD ratio: 135/145/150%  190/195/200%
  • REWORK: Sona’s Ability now deals 33% less damage to each unit hit
  • Sona Crescendo Attack Speed: 35/40/45% for 5 seconds  20/25/35% for the rest of combat
  • Sona Crescendo will always hit allies on her left and right. You now do not have to awkwardly position your carries in front of her
  • Sona Crescendo Damage: 105/155/255  180/270/440
  • Sona starting Mana buff: 40/90  35/90


 Aphelios is getting a base AD buff that may not seem worth dancing in the moonlight over, but will certainly put pep in your step for those running Gunner verticals (which greatly amplifies base AD).

Even when in a balanced state, Fiora’s untargetability created frustrating scenarios where you’re forced to helplessly watch your units save their spells for her untargetability window. So we’re cutting out the untargetable window, while giving her a large compensation buff to the rest of her kit since she’ll be significantly more vulnerable!

  • Aphelios AD: 60  65
  • REWORK: Fiora is no longer untargetable during Blade Waltz and now takes 30% less damage while Waltzing instead
  • Fiora max Mana buff: 70/160  70/140
  • Fiora Blade Waltz AD ratio: 140/140/240%  160/160/240%


 Darkin has always been a great trait, but Aatrox has hardly been able to carry the reputation of his passive trait, let alone his team. We’re shifting some of the power from the Darkin buff into Aatrox to create a world where Aatrox can be your carry, and not just your world ender.

Gangplank’s best cases are already powerful but he’s too unreliable as a carry. We’re reducing the situations where he crashes his ship ineffectively to make his performance and helmsmanship more consistent.

Last patch we introduced a new carry-focused Upgrade for Heimmerdinger called the Refractor Beam. It opened up with more of a fizzle than a beam, with its power only really coming online after three dedicated Upgrades. We’re giving the Upgrade a smoother power curve with an even more powerful triple Upgrade fantasy, so be sure to try it out!

  • Aatrox Darkin Bonus Health: 350  250
  • Aatrox Armor & MR: 60  70
  • Aatrox World Ender AD ratio: 275/275/2500%  290/300/2500%
  • Gangplank The Dreadway: If Gangplank’s ship hasn’t yet reached Gangplank, it’ll pass through enemies dealing damage. After reaching Gangplank, or if Gangplank is dead, it’ll crash on the next enemy hit
  • Gangplank The Dreadway: The boat will now always crash if it hasn’t hit an enemy after 2.25 seconds.
  • Heimerdinger Refractor Beam Number of Beams 3/3/5  3
  • Heimerdinger Refractor Beam Damage Amplification 10/30/30%  10/40/80%


 As trait linked Augments we’re shipping some significant buffs to Adrenaline Rush (Juggernaut), Defensive Dash (Challenger), and Total Domination (Noxus) which have failed to succeed even when running their verticals.

The Multicaster rework means Multicasters cast fewer times. Increasing the AP per cast on their trait linked Augment, Perfect Repetition, will allow them to reach the same power ceiling as before.

Shurima’s Legacy had an issue where the turret would not stop shooting random people after the player died. Now that’s what I call leaving your legacy on the Convergence, but while staying true to its name, we can’t have Turrets going rogue from beyond the grave.

  • Adrenaline Rush (Juggernaut): Grants a Warwick and a Sett  Grants a Darius and a Sett
  • Adrenaline Rush (Juggernaut) health Threshold for bonus damage: 50%  60%
  • Binary Airdropno longer grants an item component.
  • Built Different II Health: 200 – 425  225 – 475
  • Built Different III Attack speed: 45 – 65  50-70
  • Caretaker’s Ally now grants one copy of the 2-cost immediately.
  • Defensive Dash (Challenger) Shield: 75 – 225  100 – 250
  • Gifts From The Fallen AD and AP per stack 4  3
  • Lucky Gloves: Gloves 3  2
  • NEW: Lucky Gloves + added for 3-2 and 4-2, gives 3 gloves.
  • Money Money! Turns: 4  3
  • Money Money Money! Turns: 4  3
  • Pays to Learn III XP 20  24
  • Perfected Repetition (Multicaster) AP Per Cast 6  9
  • Petricite Shackles (Demacia) Base Amp 15%  12%
  • Shurima’s Legacy has been permanently disabled.
  • Tactician’s Tools additionally grants 1 Component Anvil
  • Total Domination (Noxus) Base Execute Threshold: 3%  5%
  • Vampiric Blades Rogue Omnivamp 20%  15%


 We’re giving Adaptive Helm a small amount of power, mostly to add to its flavor and further differentiate it from other frontliner items.

Guardbreaker is currently our best item due to the sheer amount of stats it grants and the frequency of shields in Runeterra Reforged, which continually trigger the powerful bonus damage of the item. Instead of taking power from its core counter-shield identity, we’re reducing the Attack Speed it offers, which has been letting users cast far sooner than even Tear-based items like Hand of Justice.

  • Adaptive Helm Frontline Bonus: 35 Armor and MR  35 Armor and MR. Gain 1 Mana when struck by an attack.
  • Guardbreaker Attack Speed: 25%  20%


 Small, like my Cho’Gath when I’m contested.


 Over in Ixaocan, the capital city of Ixtal, Radiant Items come relatively late in the game, often after you’ve committed to a direction. By pairing them with a Reforger, you’ll get one more chance to re-roll them into something more fitting, OR you can use the reforger to pop the items off of your current carry if they have high synergy with the Radiant Item you just got.

  • Ixaocan Radiant Item drops now always come with a reforger.


 Losing Lissandra in the mid-set really hurt Invoker as a vertical, so we’re adding a bit more late game power to keep Invokers and their friends blasting and casting.

  • Invoker 6: 15 Mana to all  20 Mana to all
  • Strategist Shield: 250/400/575/850  250/400/600/900
  • Strategis AP Bonus: 15/25/35/55  15/25/40/60
  • Void, Rift Herald charge speed has been increased.
  • Void, Rift Herald will now try to find a new target if her original target dies during her windup.


 It’s pretty common for fights to wind down and enemies to walk forward, causing Malzahar to miss his cast. This change makes sure that when he casts, he’ll basically always hit those targets. This will also make him a bit better at slaying Scuttle Crabs, but don’t worry members of TETSC (Tacticians for the Ethical Treatment of Scuttle Crabs), he’ll still miss occasionally because Scuttle Crabs can dash across the map really quickly.

  • Cassiopeia Twin Fang Damage: 170/255/385  160/240/360
  • BUGFIX Jhin’s Curtain Call damage dropoff is no longer higher than intended. Damage Dropoff: 40%  56%
  • Malzahar’s Malefic Visions is now less likely to miss against moving targets
  • Milio max Mana buff: 20/80  20/70


 Twisted Fate has recently risen within the meta as a reroll carry. We’re shipping a number of smaller changes here that should make him feel better to play, better accommodate our Multicaster rework, and keep him from stacking the deck too much in his favor.

  • Soraka Astral Infusion healing AP ratio: 170/190/220% AP  150/170/200% AP
  • Twisted Fate starting Mana buff: 20/70  25/75
  • Twisted Fate Stacked Deck Initial Magic Damage: 165/250/375  155/235/355
  • Twisted Fate Stacked Deck Ability AoE Delay: 1.5 seconds  1.25 seconds


 Alongside a smaller AP ratio buff, we’ve fixed a fizzle with Karma’s spell that previously had her seeking the occasionally karmic retribution from those who’ve already kicked the bucket.

  • Karma Inner Flame damage: 170/255/420% AP  180/270/440% AP
  • BUGFIX Karma: If Karma’s target dies immediately as she begins her cast, she will pick a new target to cast on
  • Neeko Pop Blossom Shield: 250/350/475  250/325/425


 Xayah was the undoubted winner of patch 13.19, but this statement is especially true for her 3-star version, which was the most powerful 3-star four cost by a long-shot.

  • Xayah Mana nerf: 30/95  20/100
  • Xayah Featherstrike damage ratio: 80/80/125% AD  80/80/100% AD


  • Shadow Isles Ryze: If Aatrox dies while marked, he will revive immediately without passing along the Darkin blade.
  • Shadow Isles Ryze will no longer mark allies holding Aatrox’s blade.


 Removing the unluckiest Augment synergy from ever getting a chance to happen.

  • Binary Airdrop and Endless Hoards are now mutually exclusive.
  • Item Grab Bag III Gold 2  4


 Variety is the spice of life.

  • Thief’s Gloves will no longer roll duplicate items


  • Dragon’s Will Max Health Regen Rate: 1.5s  2s
  • Willbreaker Attack Speed: 50%  40%
  • Jak’Sho the Protean frontline Bonus: 45 Armor and Magic Resist  45 Armor and Magic Resist. Gain 1 Mana when struck by an attack.
  • Titan’s Vow Attack Speed: 20%  30%
  • Titan’s VowArmor: 30  35


 Our Support Items as a whole could use… well, a whole lot of support. We’re taking a pass on the bulk of them to keep their power level equal or similar to that of the Gold Augment they can be found in.

Banshee’s Veil is going to be very strong in melee heavy Challenger comps that greatly benefit from the CC immunity and the new Attack Speed.

We found a bug with Radiant Virtue that, in fixing it, will greatly strengthen the item, so we’re shipping a small compensation nerf. With the bug fix and compensation nerf, Radiant Virtue should be slightly better than it was in the last patch.

  • Aegis Buff Duration: 8s  12s
  • Banshee’s Veil now grants 15% Attack Speed for the duration of the CC Immunity.
  • Chalice of Power Ability Power: 22  25
  • BUGFIX Radiant Virtue: Correctly doubles its heal amount for 10s after the holder dies.
  • Radiant Virtue Max Health Heal: 7%  6.5%
  • Radiant Virtue Amplified Heal: 14%  13%
  • Zeke’s Herald Attack Speed: 25%  30%
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Taunt range adjusted to better match the attack range of the taunted champion.
  • Zz’Rot Portal: Voidspawn will now try to spawn in the front row when possible.


  • Ao Shin’s Health bar no longer blocks face during their Point animation
  • Fixed an issue where Gangplank’s cast could fail if his target dies right as he casts. If you see more cases of his ship not appearing, please let us know.
  • Karma always catches up to you: If Karma’s target dies immediately as she begins her cast, she will pick a new target to cast on
  • Fixed a bug where Ionia Ryze could delete units.
  • Combat Blaster: Aatrox no longer gains Combat Caster’s shield on every swing.
  • Plussing up the name: Portable Forge properly named Portable Forge+ when offered on 3-2 and Portable Forge++ on 4-2.
  • It’s nothing personal, Phreak: You can no longer be offered both Phreaky Friday and Phreaky Friday + in Hyper Roll.
  • Rising Infamy now requires the correct number of barrages for your first chest upgrade.
  • Healing Orbs now works correctly when a Bilgewater cannon barrage kills a unit.
  • It’s about time: Units that spawn in overtime (via Aatrox, Shadow Isles Ryze, etc) now correctly receive the overtime buff.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue causing Heimerdinger’s grenade to fizzle
  • Target dummies now give nightmares: Target Dummies from Wandering Trainer holding a Rogue Emblem will now jump to the enemy backline when the Rogue effect triggers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Ekko’s heal to be slightly off.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Heimerdinger to temporarily lose turret upgrades when starred up.
  • Fixed a bug where Karma’s Ionia bonus wasn’t correct with 6 and 9 Ionia.
  • Fixed a bug causing Mordekaiser, Kayle, and Orianna’s spell damage to crit less often than intended with spell crit.
  • God Willow’s Grove no longer returns unsellable, uncombinable champions to the pool in Double Up.
  • Gargantuan Resolve now grants the correct resists at the correct times.
  • Too ready: Battle Ready damage amp now stacks properly with other sources of damage amp, and it no longer reduces true damage taken.
  • Too hot: 3-stack Mechano-Swarm (Heimerdinger) now burns for 2% instead of 3% as intended
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