The Alters Set to Release in 2024, Trailer and more

11 Bit Studios is preparing to release their new game, The Alters, for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. A fresh trailer and screenshots offer a sneak peek into the game, revealing some interesting gameplay elements that players can expect. You can watch the trailer above.

The game revolves around Jan, a character who finds himself alone on an unfamiliar planet. The plot twist? Jan isn’t exactly alone; he’s accompanied by multiple versions of himself called alters. These alters are crucial for survival, helping maintain a unique base resembling a Ferris wheel.

One key gameplay element is the use of Rapidium crystals. These special crystals let you create alters with different skills and abilities. Want an alter who’s good at finding resources? Or maybe one who excels at crafting or cooking? The choice is yours. Players can select various life paths when creating these alters, making the gameplay more versatile and engaging.

Another compelling feature is the dialogue options available in the game. You can build relationships with the different Jans, each with its emotional baggage and existential questions. This adds depth to the narrative and poses new challenges to players, as they have to navigate not just the physical survival elements but also the emotional and psychological ones.

Though the gameplay clips and screenshots give us a good idea of what to expect, many questions still remain. One of the biggest is how the relationships between the alters will affect the gameplay. Will it be an essential part of resource gathering and survival or more of an emotional subplot that adds layers to the story?

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