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Valheim Patch Notes for October 5, Fixes, Dedicated Server Tweaks, and more

Today, the Iron Gate AB dropped a big update for Valheim, touching on everything from bug fixes to new features. Whether you are setting up a dedicated server or just enjoying the game, there’s something for everyone in this patch. Let’s see what’s new and fixed in the October 5 update below:

Valheim PATCH 0.217.22 Notes

Fixes & improvements

* New build piece: blue standing brazier
* Midsummer pole & Midsummer crown recipes have been disabled (it’s officially autumn!)
* World modifiers and presets can now be set to dedicated servers using parameters in the startup batfile (see manual) or using the console as an admin
* Updated dedicated server manual to include information on setting world modifiers
* Fixed modifier summary being displayed incorrectly after choosing the casual preset
* Added player list to pause menu
* Several more console commands are now available for admins: setworldpreset, resetworldkeys, setworldmodifier, players, setkey, removekey, resetkeys, listkeys (displays list on dedicated server), sleep, skiptime, restartparty and genloc (takes time – may cause disconnects).
* Added -resetmodifiers startup parameter to dedicated servers
* Added -resetknownitems non-cheat command for resetting items, recipes, and stations
* Updated Haldor music to a new extended track
* Resource scaling fixes for dragon egg, fishing pole and skeleton chest
* Disabled a hugin hint spreading disinformation about Hildir
* Haldor and Hildir dialogue lines will be displayed a bit longer to make them easier to read
* You will no longer switch between snapping points while having the console or chat open
* Building mode won’t be visible while dying when playing with the modifier that keeps equipped items
* Fixed snap points naming for hot tub, oven and removed one excess snap point for barberstation
* Changing alternative snapping mode, zooming in or pressing some gamepad buttons will cancel build piece removal to prevent unintentional behaviour
* Darkwood beam snap point naming matched with other beams
* Changed some snap points on wood gate and darkwood gate
* Black marble bench and table no longer take rain damage
* Fix crafting station only updating its extensions for the first time after the update interval has passed
* Fix off-by-one error that caused build range to be +4m larger than intended and made the build range preview inaccurate.
* You can now activate the guardian power again when using the hammer, hoe & cultivator
* Starred fenring cultist can no longer drop multiple trophies
* Fenring cultist in events can no longer spawn multiple trophies
* Increased crafting station radius should now block spawn area and stop items from despawning correctly
* Stopped some pickables from scaling above max stack with resource rate modifiers
* Fixed an issue where spear is thrown in the wrong direction
* Mobs spawned by bosses will now aggro the player even when playing with the passive mobs modifier since the boss already was aggroed
* Reduced HP on mini-bosses spawned during Hildir events by 50%
* Brenna is now more resistant against knockbacks
* Ballista updated to accept trophies from the Hildir’s Request bosses
* Fixed rare crash while respawning in an area at the same time as monster dies in multiplayer
* Fixed issue with the Elder and Moder triggering incorrectly when using player based events
* World modifier player-based raid fix: Fixed issue with boss event conditions not updating until re-logging
* Item tooltip will be displayed when hovering while dragging another item
* Fixed a bug where the item tooltip overlay could show up over compendium menu
* Replaced all texts fields to be clearer and more optimised
* Replaced all text input fields with new component to work on all platforms
* World modifier tooltip has background now
* Fixes to vegetation shader
* Added click sounds for ingame UI
* Fixed keyhint for adding a server
* Added some missing keyhints
* Player position is saved on manual save
* Clicking outside map pin input closes input field now
* Zooming on the map now closes the pin input window


* Added auto-run toggle to accessibility settings on Xbox
* Opening cheat console no longer hides UI
* Changing snapping doesn’t make you fly down anymore
* Chat no longer opens when opening info panel
* Opening settings for the first time no longer freezes the game
* Camera is now locked when placing a map pin
* Using a vegvisir with a controller no longer pings
* Fixed occasional Xbox crash when another player died close to the host

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