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Valheim Update 0.217.28 Patch Notes Revealed

Valheim received an update 0.217.28, and it’s like they’re handing out virtual candy long after Halloween. This patch, which should have come earlier, but better late than never, gives players a chance to goof around with Jack-o-turnips and don those classic pointy witch hats, a nod to the spooky season we all love.

If you’ve been itching to get your Viking hands on these items without jumping through hoops on the Public Test Branch, your wait is over. The team behind Valheim is working on a nifty system that’ll let these seasonal goodies pop up on their own when the time is right, but for now, we can all enjoy the new stuff the old-fashioned way.

But it’s not just about the new hats and decorations. This update is also packing a severe tech punch. Valheim is moving up in the world with an upgrade to Unity 2022. This is geek speak for a smoother and more stable experience in the game. But here’s the kicker: once you play in the updated version, there’s no going back. The worlds you create or visit in the new patch can’t be opened in the older game versions anymore, so make sure you’re ready for that commitment.

Valheim Patch 0.217.28

We know it’s a bit late, but this patch finally brings the Jack-o-turnip and the new pointy hat to the default branch of the game! Hopefully we will be able to change our system for this fairly soon, so that the seasonal content can simply be tied to specific dates in the future, instead of having to pass through the Public Test Branch before being released.

Aside from the autumn items, this patch also entails an engine upgrade to Unity 2022. Because of this Unity upgrade, please note that worlds used in this update will not be backwards compatible with earlier versions of the game.

Patch notes:
Fixes & Improvements:

* Jack-o-turnip enabled. Spooky season!
* New seasonal item: Pointy hat
* Added a new “Render scale” graphics setting that enables the main camera to be rendered at a lower resolution than the viewport and UI
* Improved automatic input switching so that connected gamepads with stick drift no longer take over control when playing with keyboard and mouse
* Optimized code that determines which objects in the world to instantiate, lowering the baseline CPU time by up to 5%
* Optimized structural integrity calculations, massively decreasing CPU time in areas with large builds
* Optimized enemy AI
* Optimized underwater logic
* Re-enabled objects to have more than 255 KVPs of arbitrary data of the same value type (important for some mods)
* Fixed a bug that could cause traps to trigger multiple times in multiplayer depending on how many players were near it
* Engine upgraded to Unity 2022
* Upgraded Steamworks.NET and PlayFab Party libraries to newer versions
* Engine-side optimizations for dedicated servers
* Tweaked boss spawning to prevent them from occasionally getting stuck when spawning
* Fixed bug that caused clicking sounds when selecting building pieces via controller
* Localization updated

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