You can get free body armor using the “refundall” command/alias in CS2

Even the slightest advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing. That’s why a recently discovered glitch involving the “refundall” command has many players talking. This glitch allows you to refund your body armor without losing it, giving you free protection.

The “refundall” command is meant to sell back all purchased items, including body and head armor. However, a loophole in the system lets players keep their body armor even after invoking the command. To use the “refundall” command, players must enter a series of codes into the game’s console. Once the command is run, all items should be sold back, but the body armor stays.

alias "refundall" "sellback 0;sellback 1;sellback 2;sellback 3;sellback 4;sellback 5;sellback 6;sellback 8;sellback 9;sellback 10;sellback 11;sellback 12;sellback 13;sellback 14;sellback 15;sellback 16;sellback 17;sellback 18;sellback 26;sellback 26;sellback 27;sellback 28;sellback 29;sellback 30;sellback 32;sellback 33;sellback 34;sellback 35;play ui\panorama\itemtile_click_02.vsnd_c"

As it stands, this glitch gives an unfair advantage to players who are aware of it. Free body armor can turn the tide in a close match, making this an issue that could impact competitive balance. Below, you can find the tweet and the video related to it.

The community is calling for the game’s developers to address this issue swiftly. Although some may argue that the glitch adds an interesting dynamic to the game, the general consensus is that it disrupts fair play. Gamers are eager for a patch that will resolve the glitch and restore balance to the game.

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