Arken Age arriving to PS VR2 and SteamVR in the early months of 2024

The virtual reality sphere will officially get another member, and that member is named Arken Age.

VitruviusVR has unveiled an exciting addition to the virtual reality gaming world with the upcoming release of Arken Age for PlayStation VR2 and SteamVR, scheduled to hit the market in early 2024.

Set in the Bio-Chasm, a captivating terraformed fantasy realm crafted by the Grand Arborist, Arken Age offers a single-player virtual reality adventure. Players can immerse themselves in physics-based combat using Arkenite-infused swords and guns, navigating environments besieged by Hyperion’s neural corruption.

The game boasts a unique focus on realistic physics combat, introducing customizable virtual reality weaponry and a full-length campaign with an endless replayability mode. Players begin with three fully customizable weapons and can collect 30 unique weapon mods designed exclusively for VR gameplay. Arken Age introduces a diverse range of weaponry, from the Hyperion God Axe to the Tempered Cutter and the Astral Ballista.

The immersive experience extends to full virtual reality body and movement freedom, allowing players to explore the Bio-Chasm with biological alien creations featuring complete locomotion, the ability to jump, crouch, climb, and swim. The game unfolds a rich narrative, centered around uncovering the disappearance of the Grand Arborist, forging alliances with the Nara alien race, and battling the usurper Hyperion and his corrupted legion.

The Bio-Chasm, an expansive environment filled with unique life forms and dangers, encourages exploration. Players can climb, swim, and mine Arkenite shards for ammo using pickaxes integrated into their hybrid alien bodies. Crafting and exploration are very important, with custom VR machinery and the option to smelt collected items into Hyperion Alloy for purchasing essential items.

Arken Age will bring epic virtual reality boss fights, each designed for the VR experience, featuring multiple stages and requiring well-timed attacks and blocks. The game offers a lengthy 10-hour campaign and 25 unique areas, with the innovative Hyperion Reinforcements Console providing infinite replayability by deploying Hyperion squadrons to the Bio-Chasm.

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