Elon Musk Pledges to Investigate Xbox and PlayStation Dropping the Twitter/X Integration

Elon Musk, the new owner of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has promised to examine the reasons behind Xbox and PlayStation's decision to stop their Twitter sharing features.

Players who use Xbox and PlayStation consoles recently noticed they couldn’t share their gameplay highlights directly to Twitter anymore. This change quietly came into effect after Microsoft, followed by Sony, decided to pull the plug on this popular feature in April.

When players score a win in their favorite game or capture a funny gaming moment, they can share their victory or humor directly with their Twitter followers. This easy sharing was a seamless way for the gaming community to connect and show off their achievements or in-game discoveries. Nintendo Switch users also had this ability, but there’s been no word on their current status.

The specifics of why Microsoft and Sony have chosen to retract this capability aren’t unclear, but some suspect it’s linked to Twitter’s new direction. A change in the Twitter API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, is at the center of the discussion. This technology allows different software applications to communicate with one another. Recent chatter suggests that Twitter is restructuring its API to potentially charge larger businesses for its use, which might have prompted the console manufacturers to reevaluate their features.

The news caught the attention of Musk, known for his active presence on the platform and recent acquisition of it. In response to a tweet by X News Daily, which suggested the move away from console integration could be a hurdle for Twitter’s ambitions in the streaming space, Musk replied succinctly, “I will look into this.

With Musk at the helm, Twitter/X is expected to undergo several transformations. His response suggests that the integration of the social media platform with gaming consoles could be an area of interest, especially as he steers the platform in new directions.

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