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Fortnite 27.10 Official Patch Notes for November 16 Revealed

Epic Games has released a new Fortnite update, v27.10. The update is now live, and it fixes multiple bugs and issues in different sections of the game. Without further ado, you can find the official patch notes below.

Fortnite 27.10 Patch Notes



  • Added lock and unlock controls for IARC rating into the Creative Feedback widget.
  • Added interface which allows the Creative Feedback widget to stay open when cursor mode changes.
  • Added a cursor mode call when a party member needs to unlock an island code.


  • Fixed an infinite spinning wheel that occurred when a user opened Events and Functions tabs.
  • Fixed converted HUD Controller and Teleporter options.
  • Fixed an issue where stakes from the Wood Stake Shotgun wouldn’t be instantly removed from objects on destruction.

Creative and UEFN


  • Fixed an issue where players on different teams spawned together when islands didn’t have a Player Spawner device set at island start.
  • Fixed an issue where two Advanced Storm Controllers were shown in the Content Browser.
  • Fixed an issue where the On Team Is Out Of Respawns event in the Team Settings and Inventory device was not triggering when players out of lives spawned on a different team.
  • Fixed an issue where the Damage Volume device failed to damage guards.

Fortnite Patchwork


  • Added a copyright disclaimer to the publish workflow and device details in UEFN.
  • Higher-end texture settings on a PC will now show higher quality audio cable visualizations on Patchwork devices.


  • Fixed an issue where two slightly different versions of the same audio would appear to be playing when cutting and pasting Patchwork devices.
  • Fixed the Speaker SFX ducking signal chain.
  • Updated the Instrument Player (I-PLAY) device patches.
  • Changed the Echo Effect (FX-ECHO) device Feedback maximum value to .99.
  • Fixed an issue where cables became stuck when players grabbed them.
  • Removed knob sounds and balanced the levels of carousel sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with the front panel of the Instrument Player (I-PLAY) that was causing the highlighted mesh to extend beyond the Open and Close buttons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused environmental Digital Signal Processing to be applied to Patchwork audio.
  • Fixed an issue where changing Note Style on the Note Sequencer might change note grid contents.
  • Fixed an issue on the Instrument Player and Drum Player where, after switching to a different instrument or drum kit, you would temporarily hear the wrong instrument or kit the next time you connected or disconnected a cable.
  • Fixed an issue where the green beat display on the Music Manager wasn’t initializing in UEFN.



  • Reduced the number of cases where spawning props causes the Push Changes button tooltip to show “Some changes may not be reflected in the Edit Session”.
  • Fixed the color property during live edit of primitive shapes gallery and many other actors.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Play again after a match during testing would receive a few changes from the editor.
  • Fixed the toggle for the Actor Hidden in Game property.



  • Truncates the names of tuples created during codegen so that they remain safely under FName limits. This is done by allowing the initial portion of the name to remain the same, but hashing any characters over the limit using SHA256 and appending that to the name.
  • Decreased the threshold for hashing overly long Verse tuple names since the asset registry also adds its own special prefix which causes such names to go over the FName limit and thus fail the cook.
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