King Arthur: Knight’s Tale PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions coming next year with PvP and graphical options

Leading a team of knights is every person’s dream. Especially if leading means pushing through challenges and dark times.

NeocoreGames has just dropped the news that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, the acclaimed turn-based strategy RPG, is scheduled for its PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series debut on February 22, 2024. After making waves on the PC scene with its Early Access release on Steam on January 26, 2021, followed by a full launch on April 26, 2022, the game is set to extend its reach to a broader audience on the console platforms.

The console versions come packed with new features, allowing players to tailor their experience with the choice between Quality Mode, boasting stunning 4K visuals, and Performance Mode, focusing on achieving optimal framerates. Local Player-versus-Player mode adds a social dimension, inviting friends to engage in intense battles on the mystical landscapes of Avalon. PlayStation 5 users are in for tactile amazingness, as the game integrates haptic feedback support for the DualSense controller, promising an immersive and sensory-rich experience on the battlefield.

Beyond the technical enhancements, players can now pursue in-game accomplishments with the introduction of Achievements/Trophies, ensuring that every triumphant moment is recognized. NeocoreGames has also committed to post-launch support for the console versions, teasing forthcoming seasonal content, optional skirmishes, and a host of additional features to keep the gaming experience fresh and dynamic.

Embark on a captivating journey into the dark fantasy realm of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, where players assume the role of Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur. This modern interpretation of Arthurian mythology merges turn-based tactical gameplay with character-centric RPG elements, inviting players to navigate the complexities of hero management and the reconstruction of Camelot.

Set against a backdrop of nightmares, the game unfolds the consequences of a fateful battle between Arthur and Mordred, leaving Arthur as an undying mad king and Avalon transformed into a nightmarish version of Britannia. As Mordred, players are tasked with a knightly quest to find and ultimately confront Arthur, putting an end to the curse afflicting the kingdom.

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