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New World’s Latest Update 3.0.3 Live, Patch Notes and More

New World Update 3.0.3 is officially live, bringing with it an array of new features, bug fixes, and the return of a notorious adversary, Turkulon. This update follows the spook-filled events of Nightveil Hallow, pivoting to new challenges and rewards for adventurers in Aeternum.

For the patch notes, check below.

New World Update 3.0.3



The Dark Legion invades the Store this month! Special skins for those who have abandoned the code of chivalry are now available. Smile as your opponents’ blood runs cold at the sight of you. Whatever your style, visit the Store for special promo bundles featuring unvaulted content and brand new skins, including the Gladekeeper Bundle, the Azoth Arcana Bundle, and the Maulers and Brawlers Bundle. Select housing items and tool skins are 50% off for a limited time.



Satisfy your hunger for carnage with the succulent Grand Gobbler War Hammer when Turkulon returns on November 15 through 28. Hunt down the Feathered Avenger of Death and his ‘fowl army’ to earn unique, event-specific items. Thanks to player feedback from last year, loot will now drop more frequently. There are also even more desirable rewards, like a giant turkey leg, waiting to be served.



  • Added a tag to the named AI to ignore the spawn scaling effect, lowering the spawn rate at the Dayspring Tree POI.

  • Adjusted spawns for the Staff of Wizardry encounter to prevent stalls when new enemies appear.


  • Fixed an issue that caused gatherables to not appear in Starstone Barrows.


  • Fixed an issue with the enemy count in Dynasty Shipyard. It is now 60.

  • Fixed an issue with Guldar not counting towards the Named Enemy Count in The Depths.


  • Artifacts

    • Scorpion’s Sting – Added trade off to Sting Perk – Increases cooldown by 50% upon use.

    • Lost Stopwatch – Changed duration from a 100% increase to a flat 1s increase.

      • Increased damage reduction trade off from 5% to 10%.

    • Odo – Updated functionality to include that the damage bonus applies to knocked down targets.

  • Disease Status Effects:

    • All Player Diseases – Added an outgoing healing penalty to all disease status effects equal to half of the incoming healing reduction. (Plagued Crits, Plagued Strikes, Plagued Splitting Grenade, Infected Throw, Putrefying Scream, PvP Arenas Healing Reduction)

    • Plagued Crits – Removed health requirement. It can now be refreshed while active.

    • Plagued Strikes – It can now be refreshed while active.

  • Perks

    • Shirking Heals – Increased cooldown from 5s to 10s

    • Slash/Physical Ward/Absorptions – Updated all physical ward and slash ward Gems and Perks to include bleed damage as a part of slash damage to function similarly to other dots.

    • Exhaustive Net Shot – Reduced duration from 8s to 4s.

  • Blunderbuss

    • Increased base damage by 3.75% in PvE and reduced base damage in PvP by an additional 3.62% to keep PvP Damage the same.

    • Last Chance Passive – Reduced from 50% to 30% Fortify

    • On A Roll Passive – Made it so each stack has its own unique duration

    • Primary Fire – Reduced damage coefficient from 23% per pellet to 21% per pellet

    • ASB – Reduced damage from 50% per pellet to 45% per pellet.

  • Life Staff

    • Splash Of Light – Reduced Radius from 100m to 25m

  • Void Gauntlet

    • Void Blade – Removed duration limit of Void blade, now remains active until weapon becomes inactive.

  • Fixed an issue that caused several staggering attacks to not trigger the increment for the breakout dodge.

  • Fixed an issue with attacks that didn’t stagger but unintentionally incremented the breakout dodge.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain named PvP item upgrades.

    • To address, we’ve added new versions of the PvP Reward Track Named Items with a 5th generated Perk. Unlike the originals, these new Named Items can be upgraded at a Gypsum Kiln. To make it easier for Adventurers to distinguish the two, the old PvP Reward Track Named Items no longer have the ‘Named’ tag.


  • Disabled the ability to use Secrets of the Spores potions in Arena PvP.

  • Disabled Artemis Boon status effects when joining Arena PvP instances and non-Savage Divide Expeditions.

  • Updated the description for the Azoth Inductor for further clarity.

  • Chromatic Ward: Fixed an issue that prevented this Perk from working properly.

  • Fixed an issue where if you crafted multiple items, and one became a named item, you would not receive the other items.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Beast Hoards to drop loot at a lower than intended Gear Score.

  • Adjusted the Aptitude crates the player can purchase in the Faction shop at Rank 6.

    • These chests no longer award 2-3 rare Tier 5 materials. They will now offer 60-120 Tier 52 raw materials instead.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Mythril Rings and Earrings to not function as intended.


  • Fixed a rare issue that caused War instances to not start properly.

  • Simultaneous Influence Races will be enabled on Abaton as part of a test.


  • Fixed an issue that caused bundles with items locked to Rise of the Angry Earth to overlap text on top of the bundle cost when viewed in the Store by players that do not own the expansion.

  • Fixed a rare issue that crashed the game when viewing results for Influence Races that included more than 20 Companies.

  • The auto-pin toggle for Town Project Missions and Artifact objectives now works properly.

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain Dye to be unusable.

  • Fixed Dye issues for the following skins:

    • Black Spire

    • Penitent Assassin

    • Somber Legionnaire

  • Fixed visual issues with skirts, cloths, and other skin colliders.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum

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