Toasterball Nintendo Switch version coming end of November, featuring 24 gameplay variants

Physics has never been my strong side, but I can say that toasting is where I excel. Combine these both, and I might just become the champion. But if you are a physics fan, this upcoming game is designed for you.

The Switch version of the physics-based sports game, Toasterball, is set to launch via Nintendo eShop on November 30 for $9.99, according to an announcement by developer Les Crafteurs. Originally released in Early Access for PC via Steam on January 15, 2020, Toasterball saw a full release on May 3, 2023.

Toasterball takes sports gaming to a whole new level with a quirky twist – players control toasters in a multiplayer, physics-based environment, perfect for entertaining game nights with friends (up to four players in local multiplayer). The game promises chaos with unpredictable physics, random situations, electrical hazards, and more burnt toast than you can imagine.

With easy-to-learn mechanics and a challenging mastery curve, Toasterball offers players the opportunity to execute pro moves, from double-jumping to the deadly “TURBOFLIP.” After each goal, the game introduces a random gameplay variant, ensuring no two matches are the same with 24 unique variants and additional modifiers.

Explore iconic arenas, including the legendary Toasterball Arena, the mysterious Panachado Forest, the historic Breadington Square street court, the Tartembourg village castle, and the beaches of Porto Rada. Meet AI toasters Beep, Boop, and Bleep-Bloop, and enjoy custom matches in custom mode, allowing players to choose combinations of variants and arenas, customize rules, and play with athletes from the Toasterball league.

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