Hi-Fi Rush Exclusive T-Shirts Hint at PlayStation and Switch Ports

Hi-Fi Rush, a super cool game is coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch soon, as spotted by the community.

Hi-Fi Rush got updated especially for its first birthday. The game changed with the addition of new T-shirts for Chai. Now these T-shirts are game-based, that is, if a player plays with this character on Xbox, these T-shirts will also have variation as compared to playing through Steam or Epic Games.

This is, however, one of the smallest things to be seen across the game’s files. There are also special T-shirts for PlayStation (PS5) and Switch players.

In this update, some T-shirts do shout where you play. For example:

  • The players playing for Epic Games get a T-shirt with the title “unreal” since they are using Unreal Engine.
  • Xbox’s green T-shirts are passed out and properly themed according to their Xbox color.
  • Steam’s T-shirt is in blue and black, giving out a thumbs-up icon like we see on Steam.
  • The red “play anywhere” T-shirt seems ideal for Switch players as they take their Switch on all of their travels.

People found these details on Tumblr where someone shared pictures got from game files. This hints Hi-Fi Rush might be soon on PS5 and Switch.

Yeaaaaaahhhh, this just confirms that we’re getting a PS and Switch port.
byu/RamenMan22 inHiFiRush

Well, PlayStation and Switch players look like they might just want to get in on that Hi-Fi Rush fun after all of these teasing events. Every player is already pumped about this game, and these new shirts just make great flair to show off which platform you’re playing on.

More info is coming soon, so stay tuned.

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