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GTA Online Update December 21-28: Weekly Bonuses, Discounts, and More

Rockstar Games has rolled out an exciting GTA Online update for the week of December 21-28, bringing a festive touch to the streets of Southern San Andreas. This update is packed with holiday-themed events, new content, and a variety of bonuses and discounts that players can enjoy during the holiday season.

Weekly Challenges:
  • Podium Vehicle: Vapid Clique with the Merry Cliquemas Limited-Time livery

  • Prize Ride Challenge: Win a race in the LS Car Meet Series 3 days in a row (LSCM resets at 7 PM EDT)

  • Prize Ride Vehicle: Declasse Tahoma Coupe

  • Time Trial: Lakewood Vinewood Estate

  • Test Ride 1: Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio with the Santa’s New Sled Limited-Time livery

  • Test Ride 2: Pfister Comet Safari with the Candy Cane Limited-Time livery

  • Test Ride 3: Karin Calico GTF with the Tribal Black Halftone livery

PS5 and XBox X|S Only

  • HSW Time Trial: North Chumash

  • Premium Test Ride: Karin Vivanite

Luxury Autos
  • Gallivanter Baller ST

  • Albany V-STR

Deluxe Motorsports
  • Bravado Dorado

  • Ocelot Ardent  Equipped with the It’s a Wrap Limited-Time livery

  • Benefactor Streiter (Removed Vehicle)

  • Vapid Riata (Removed Vehicle)

  • Lampadati Pigalle (Removed Vehicle)

New Content
  • Snow has returned to Los Santos

  • Bravado Dorado – $1,375,000 at Southern San Andreas Super Autos

Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies:

  • From December 21 through December 27, you can execute robberies at The Diamond Casino, the Cargo Ship, and Mission Row. From December 28 through January 3, the Cargo Ship will be replaced by the Submarine.

Holiday Content

Christmas Login Collectibles (available from December 21 through December 27):

  • The new Snowball Launcher

  • Green Xmas Tree Hat

  • White Xmas Reindeer Hat

  • Candy Cane Weapon

  • Green Reindeer Beer Hat

Holiday Rewards and Gifts (available through January 3):

  • Find and defeat the Yeti in the Yeti Hunt event to unlock the Yeti Outfit

  • Happy Holidays Hauler will be dropping presents in its wake including festive sweaters, GTA$ and RP, ammo, and snacks to pad your inventory.

  • Collect and destroy all 25 Snowmen to unlock the Snowman Outfit

  • Successfully fight off The Gooch to receive the Gooch Outfit

  • Defeat the criminals in the Weazel Plaza Shootout to receive the WM 29 Pistol

  • Complete Entourage (Festive Remix) once to get a skin for the Combat Pistol.

  • Survive five matches of the Entourage (Festive Remix) to receive a skin for the Special Carbine

  • Win a match of Entourage (Festive Remix) while playing as Santa Claus for a Heavy Sniper skin.

New Year’s Collectibles (available from December 28 through January 3):

  • Log in to play GTA Online during this time to receive New Year’s Hats (available in Silver, Gold, and Bronze) and New Year’s Glasses (available in Silver, Gold, and Rainbow)


3X GTA$ and RP

  • Holiday-themed Community Series Jobs (Playlist)

2X GTA$ and RP

  • Snowball Fights

  • Entourage (Festive Remix)

  • Drift Races (4X for GTA+ Members)

2X LS Car Meet Reputation from all relevant activities


40% Off (60% Off for GTA+)

  • Benefactor Streiter (Removed Vehicle – Deluxe Motorsports)

  • Lampadati Pigalle (Removed Vehicle – Deluxe Motorsports)

  • Ocelot Ardent

  • Vapid Riata (Removed Vehicle – Deluxe Motorsports)

30% Off (50% for GTA+)

  • Gallivanter Baller ST

  • Albany V-STR

  • Buckingham Alpha-Z1 (No GTA+ Bonus)

20% Off for GTA+ Only

  • Bravado Dorado

GTA+ (December 12th to January 10th)

GTA+ Website

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Gun Van Location (Changed Daily)

Other Resources:

  • Official Wiki Guides

  • Our Official Discord

  • GTA Weather Forecast

  • Find GTA Online Crews and Groups

  • Down Detector

  • Rockstar Support Tips

Official Rockstar Websites:

  • Rockstar Newswire

  • Rockstar Support (To Open a Support Ticket)

  • Bug Reporting and Suggestions

  • Reporting Cheaters

Thanks To:

  • Tez2 (The Man in the know)

  • RDO.GG (Tuneables Updates)

  • GTA Wiki (All Things GTA)

  • (All Vehicle Top Speeds and Lap Times By Broughy1322)

  • GTASeriesVideos (Walkthroughs, Showcases, and more)

  • (Locations of Collectibles, Daily events, and much more)

Daily Objectives

  • Thursday: Participate in a Last Team Standing.

  • Friday: Participate in an Air Race.

  • Saturday: Participate in the Pursuit Series.

  • Sunday: Participate in Sumo.

  • Monday: Complete a Heist Finale.

  • Tuesday: Participate in the Featured Series.

  • Wednesday: Play a match of Tennis.

Weekly Objective (New)

  • Complete 3 Salvage Yard Robberies

Gun Van Location (Changed Daily)

Gun Van:


  • Knife (10%)

  • Battle Rifle (10%)

  • Heavy Sniper (50%)

  • Up-n-Atomizer (10%)

  • Widowmaker (10%)

  • Unholy Hellbringer (10%)

  • Compact EMP Launcher (10%)

  • Tactical SMG (10%)

  • Flare Gun (10%)


  • Grenade (10%)

  • Pipe Bomb (10%)

  • Tear Gas (10%)

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