Depresso, a Fan-Favorite Pal in Palworld Inspired by Pokemon Espurr

Depresso is quickly becoming a beloved figure in the Palworld community, drawing inspiration from the Pokemon Espurr. With its distinctive navy blue, cat-like appearance, Depresso stands out with its ever-grouchy expression and gorgeous lavender eyes. This bipedal Pal is characterized by its short, closed ears, which are tipped with a dark purple hue, adding to its unique charm.

Around its neck, Depresso sports a pattern of dark bluish-grey, complementing its overall gloomy aesthetic. Its bushy tail, mirroring the neck pattern, is also tinged with the same bluish-grey color. One of Depresso’s most striking features is the large tuft of dark purple fur atop its head, making it instantly recognizable.

But appearances can be deceiving. Despite its seemingly sullen demeanor, Depresso is known for its kind heart. This endearing quality has made it a favorite among players.

And here’s a fun tip, want to see Depresso in action? Just give it an energy drink and watch its speed take off.

Depresso, true to its name, might not be the most outwardly cheerful Pal in Palworld. In fact, it rarely, if ever, smiles. But that’s just part of its charm.

Depresso mining is definitely my favourite
byu/Stayceee inPalworld

This unique Pal has found a special place in the hearts of players, and many find it their favorite. What’s your favorite Pal? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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