Nintendo Issues DMCA Takedowns on Palworld Pokémon Mod Videos

Nintendo has started taking legal action against videos of the Palworld Pokémon mod. They are issuing DMCA takedowns for these videos on the grounds of anti-piracy. As a result, accounts that posted the videos are being locked, and the original short video has already been removed from the creator’s page.

This action follows the mod’s rapid spread on the internet yesterday. The mod, created by an Australian YouTuber, caught the attention of many but has now been targeted by Nintendo. The company is sending DMCA complaints to various social media platforms, leading to the removal of these videos. The YouTuber who made the mod is expected to receive a notice from Nintendo soon.

Some social media platforms, like X, are also responding by locking accounts that shared the video.

We will provide more information as it becomes available, so stay tuned.

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