Palworld Elements Ranking Fire Pal Tops as Best, Neutral Pal Seen as Worst

Following a quite eventful launch, Palworld quickly rose to the top, and it looks like the game is here to stay, for eternity.

When it comes to Palworld, we all know that there are Pals. Now, each Pal has its own Element, and that Element is strong or weak against another Element. But what are the strengths and weaknesses stats? What Pal is weak against another Pal? What Pal is stronger than another Pal?

Each Element in Palworld is unique in its own way. There are nine Elements in the game, and they are Fire, Grass, Ground, Electric, Water, Ice, Dragon, Dark and Neutral.

Pals are quite resistant against the same elements that they happen to be super effective against, as well as their own element. For the Pals that are dual-type, this rule is also valid.

Stab means the Same Type Attack Bonus. While the bonus is not immensely large, it is still a bonus, and it is given to attack damage if your Pal shares a type with the attack.

Now, onto the Elements. Starting with the Fire Element, this one seems to be the best one there is in Palworld. Fire is strong against Grass and Ice, while it is weak to Water. The Grass Element is strong against Ground, and weak to Fire. Ground is strong against Electric, while it is weak to Grass, and Electric is strong against Water and weak to Ground.

Ice, on the other hand, is strong against Dragon, and weak to Fire. Dragon is strong against Dark and weak to Ice. Dark is strong against Neutral, but weak to Dragon.

You may notice that Neutral is strong against nothing, literally nothing. It only has a weakness, and that is Dark. If you check out Fire, this Element is strong against two Elements, unlike Neutral. So due to this, Fire is ranked the best, while Neutral is the worst.

There are the ranking folks, so choose wisely in your next expedition.

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