Palworld: What Happens When You and Your Eikthyrdeer Mess with the Wrong Chikipi

In Palworld, your Pals, the monsters you encounter in the game, can be more than just buddies, they can be your mounts. These mounts are not just for show, they’re a practical way to travel faster and reach other destinations. As you journey through the game with your mount, you’ll come across different Pals, each with its unique appearance.

Some of these Pals look intimidating, the kind you’d rather not disturb, while others seem so gentle they wouldn’t harm a fly. However, appearances can be misleading, as one player discovered in an unexpected encounter.

The player, known as Siomizu510, was exploring with their Eikthyrdeer mount when they stumbled upon a Shiny Chikipi. Thinking it harmless, they decided to interact with it, but the situation quickly took a turn for the worse, and Chikipi was not having it.

The Shiny Chikipi, far from being the docile creature it appeared to be, was not pleased with being disturbed. In response, it summoned the Chicken Gods, who granted Chikipi a powerful super Beam ability. Without any hesitation, Chikipi unleashed this power, resulting in a disastrous outcome for Siomizu510 and their Eikthyrdeer mount, who were utterly overwhelmed by Chikipi’s unexpected might.

Did we all learn the lesson? Never mess with a random Chikipi! Just let it go its way, and don’t bother it.

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