Phantom Abyss is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC

Phantom Abyss by Team WIBY has graduated from early access, launching its full 1.0 version on Xbox Series X/S and PC. A fresh trailer has been released, highlighting the array of daunting challenges that players will face in this asynchronous multiplayer game. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the action.

In Phantom Abyss, players quest through randomly generated temples equipped with a reliable whip. The objective is to collect relics and treasures while dodging deadly traps. Each temple offers a unique challenge, as players have only one chance to complete it. Failure means the temple is lost forever. However, the ghosts of previous players can provide valuable clues for navigation.

The 1.0 release brings significant updates, including a revamped Adventure Mode where players can select from different temples, each preset with specific whips, relics, and challenges. The Classic Mode has been transformed into Abyss Mode, challenging players to conquer four distinct areas before time runs out. Only one player can claim victory. Additionally, the whip has been modified to exclude curses, and players can now unlock various skins by completing challenges.

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