What’s a Stellar Tear Type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Stellar Tera Type stands out with its ability to harness the powers of every type, making it significantly different from other Tera Types. Most Pokemon, with a few exceptions, can Terastallize into the Stellar Tera Type.

When a Pokemon Terastallizes, it gets a power boost for moves of its Tera Type during the battle. The Stellar Tera Type uniquely boosts moves of all types, but this boost is limited to once per type; after using a move of one type, other moves of that type won’t receive the boost. However, in Tera Raid Battles, there’s no limit to this boost. Terapagos seems to have a strong connection to the Stellar Tera Type.

Tera Blast becomes more powerful when used by a Pokemon Terastallized into the Stellar Tera Type compared to other Tera Types. It also becomes super effective against Terastallized Pokemon. However, using Tera Blast in this form will lower the user’s Attack and Sp. Atk.

The Stellar Tera Type behaves differently from others and requires strategic use. It not only affects Tera Blast but also influences type matchups differently. For most Tera Types, a Pokemon’s type matchups are determined by its Tera Type after Terastallization. But with the Stellar Tera Type, a Pokemon’s original type or types continue to determine matchups.

During your journey, you’ll find Stellar Tera Shards. Take these to the Treasure Eatery in Medali, Paldea region, to change your Pokemon’s Tera Type to Stellar.

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