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Dark and Darker Early Access Patch #3 Released, Notes and More

Ironmace has released a new update for Dark and Darker. Titled Patch #3, this update fixes multiple bugs and issues, but also adds a new weapon, the Club. There are also some QoL additions and other improvements. You can find the details patch notes below.

Dark and Darker Early Access Patch #3

    • Fixed an issue where the client could freeze.
    • Fixed an issue where players could detect nearby players when Push to Talk was enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Mage could fire projectiles through walls.
    • Fixed an issue where clothing could obscure the camera when looking down and attacking.
    • A new Warlock skill has been added: Blood Pact
    • A new Warlock spell has been added: Spell Predation.
    • Warlock’s Demon Armor now has a -50% spellcasting speed penalty instead of other penalties.
    • Barbarian’s Rage vigor changed from 15 → 10.
    • Barbarian’s Reckless Attack’s defense rating penalty has been changed from -55 → -35.
    • Barbarian’s Savage Roar duration changed from 6 → 8s and physical damage bonus changed from -25% → -50%.
    • Candy Canes and Gingerbread Cookies no longer drop. Nicholas will be leaving soon.
    • The appearance of silver weapons has been updated.
    • The presentation of some artifacts has been improved.
    • A new weapon has been added: Club.
    • The crafting item Boneshaper has been added.
    • New artifacts added: Zirkzi’s Eye, Spellweaver, Illusory, Delirium.
    • Some artifacts have been improved.
    • Herbs can now be stacked.
    • Zweihander’s weapon damage has been reduced by -5.
    • Drop rate of Troll Pelts increased.
    • The timing, type, and number of Escape/Down Portals that appear in Solo, Duos, and Trio matches no longer are synchronized while the overall amount of escape portals has also been significantly decreased to nudge players to be more aggressive to survive.
    • The max amount of players for a match has also been slightly decreased for each game type.
    • The pre-lobby time has been decreased from 3min to 2min.
    • The amount of AP earned for PvP kills has been doubled.
    • The Dark Swarm always encompasses the whole map at the start of each floor.
    • A new area has been added to the world map: The Frost Mountain.
    • Ice Caverns, an area of ​​Frost Mountain, has been added.
    • New floor rule added: Blizzard.
    • An early version of the ladder has been added.
    • An extra Dark Swarm phase has been added to the Goblin Caves.
    • Added a special high-value treasure room to the High Roller Goblin Caves.
    • Modified the amount and location of the Sacrificial Altars on the High-Roller Ruins.
    • Updated the monster composition for High-Roller Ruins including switching out skeletons with wisps or wolves in several modules.
    • Modified several areas in the Ruins to make it more difficult for double-jump quick traversal on certain modules.
    • Added usable ladders to the Bandit Forest module on the High-Roller Ruins.
    • A Golem now guards the towers in the Ruins.
    • The drops for the Ruin’s sub bosses have been improved.
    • High Roller Crypts now have more high-quality chests.
    • Season rewards for each adventurer rank have been added.
    • Merchants provides a rarity filter.
    • New emotes Knightly Kneel, Noob, Praying Hands, and Hand Heart have been added.
    • The Player List now only shows the player’s status as Online/Offline.
    • Japanese translation has been significantly improved.
  1. Developer Comments: Hi adventurers, thank you for joining us for Early Access Patch #3. The Ice Caverns introduces the new Frost Mountain locale. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the new boss encounter for this locale, so we have increased the loot drop from this map including a large treasure hoard in the very center of the map for the most daring adventurers. Please note that this new map is an experimental work-in-progress, and we will be making lots of improvements based on your feedback.
    This update was also supposed to include a first pass at the Marketplace, which would allow users to sell items to other players through an automated process, but unfortunately internal testing wasn’t completed, leading to some delays. It will be available in the near future. Finally, we have noticed more teaming in matches, so we’ve tweaked some settings to nudge players to be a little more aggressive.
    We have altered the number of players per match and reworked some of the maps so early engagements can be done more confidently without interference from 3rd parties. We have also lowered the number of portals so you will need to eliminate the competition to ensure your survival. We will continue monitoring behavior and adjust accordingly. Thank you for your patience and support. See you in the dungeons!
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