Helldivers 2 will receive regular updates after launch

Arrowhead Game Studios has announced that Helldivers 2 will receive regular updates after its launch. Johan Pilestedt, the company’s head of creative and business strategy, confirmed on Discord (via Reddit) that players can expect a continuous stream of free updates. These updates will add new enemies, missions, and environments, expanding the game’s scope without additional charges.

Regarding future content, Pilestedt didn’t specify a release schedule or provide a detailed roadmap for post-launch additions. However, he did mention that the game would continuously offer new purchasable items with Warbonds. These Warbonds can be obtained using Super Credits, which players can buy with real money or earn in-game.

To acquire these items, players must complete various missions and objectives to earn Medals, which can be used to purchase desired items. Similar to a battle pass system, a Premium Warbond option is available. Notably, these won’t be subject to time restrictions and will accumulate over time, allowing players to unlock items conveniently.

“We are constantly going to add more stuff to the game! Enemies, objectives, biomes etc. Are always going to be free and expand the experience.” – Pilestadt
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Helldivers 2 is slated to release on February 8th and will be available on PS5 and PC platforms.

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