Phil Spencer advocates for Cross-Platform game sharing without expecting reciprocity

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has expressed a desire for Sony and Nintendo to share their games on the Xbox platform, though he remains realistic about the chances of this happening. In a conversation with Stephen Totilo for the Game File newsletter, Spencer clarified that Xbox’s recent move to release four games on competing consoles is not a strategy to encourage Sony and Nintendo to do the same.

We’re not treating this as some kind of exchange mechanism,” Spencer stated. “Our actions are purely in the interest of Xbox and its business model.”

Spencer remains open to hosting games from other consoles on Xbox, especially highlighting the potential benefits for multiplayer titles, which thrive in large online communities. He used the example of Helldivers 2, a game launched on both PC and PlayStation, to illustrate the industry-wide benefits of broader game availability.

It’s hard to see who benefits from keeping games exclusive,” he mentioned, acknowledging the traditional business model of exclusivity in the console market. He praised Helldivers 2’s performance on PC, reinforcing his point that making games available across multiple platforms is a positive industry practice.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Hiroki Totoki has outlined plans to enhance the company’s gaming division’s profitability, including bringing more first-party games to the PC platform. During an investor call, Totoki emphasized the importance of a multi-platform strategy but clarified that, for now, this approach mainly involves PC rather than direct competitors like Xbox.

Spencer’s comments underscore a growing industry trend towards cross-platform availability, highlighting the evolving strategies of major gaming companies as they navigate the balance between exclusivity and broader accessibility.

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