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Pokemon Go Five-Star Raid Bosses Coming this Week (Feb 15-Feb 22, 2024)

Trainers, the last two weeks of the Timeless Travels Season in Pokemon Go are full of events, new Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, different Pokemon in Five-star Raids, and many other cool features and bonuses.

One of the biggest events starts this month, the Go Tour Sinnoh, but we’re going to focus on Legendary/Mythical Pokemon in Five-star Raids for now.

Starting February 15, 2024, until the end of the month, Pokemon Go players will have the chance to meet five Legendary/Mythical Pokemon in Five-star Raids. Some of these Pokemon, three to be exact, appear globally, while the other three will only spawn in certain regions around the world.

We recommend checking out the list of all upcoming Legendary/Mythical Raid Bosses in the game, as well as the dates, below.

Legendary/Mythical Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go Pokemon Go (February 15-February 22, 2024)

  • Darkrai from February 15 to February 20
  • Cresselia from February 20 to February 21
  • Uxie from February 21 to February 22 in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Mesprit from February 21 to February 22 in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India
  • Azelf from February 21 to February 22 in the Americas, and Greenland
  • FYI Giratina Origin is taking over Five-star Raids starting from February 23 to February 26

Make sure to mark the dates, defeat the Legendary/Mythical Raid Bosses, and get yourselves new Shiny Pokemon.

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