Stellar Blade will support Performance Mode at 60 FPS, 4K and Balanced Mode

Stellar Blade, a key PS5 exclusive from Shift Up, will shine amidst Sony’s sparse lineup of games in the coming year. This action-adventure RPG has garnered significant attention. But what can players expect in terms of visual fidelity?

Dong-Gi Lee, the game’s Technical Director, discussed the game’s graphical settings with Play3, a German gaming site. Lee outlined three distinct modes: Performance Mode, which ensures gameplay at a smooth 60 FPS; Resolution Mode, allowing players to enjoy the visuals in stunning 4K, and Balanced Mode, which aims to strike an optimal balance between the former two settings.

While specifics on Balanced Mode’s dynamic resolution and frame rate are yet to be disclosed, it’s supposed to target 60 FPS. Furthermore, Lee highlighted the integration of PS5’s DualSense features, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that enhance the experience in third-person shooter segments, along with touchpad functionalities, though details remain forthcoming.

Set for release on April 26th exclusively for PS5 at a price point of $70, Stellar Blade has been marked as a Mature 17+ rating by the ESRB due to its depiction of violence, blood, gore, suggestive themes, and violence.

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