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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Patch provides new fixes

Rocksteady Studios has rolled out a significant update for “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” addressing a host of bugs and balancing issues that have been affecting gameplay. In a move that will likely change the dynamics of how players approach the game, the patch, released on February 14th, brings critical fixes, particularly to Diablo Blaze’s burn damage scaling and XP exploits that players have been leveraging.

One of the standout fixes in this patch is the correction to Diablo Blaze’s burn damage scaling. Previously, the burning damage was improperly scaling with both player damage buffs and enemy debuffs, making it possible for players to exploit and deal unbalanced damage. With the new patch, Rocksteady Studios has corrected this issue, ensuring that burning damage now only scales with enemy debuffs. This adjustment is expected to provide a more balanced and fair gameplay experience, preventing players from taking advantage of the scaling bug to breeze through challenges.

In addition to the burn damage fix, the patch introduces several other changes aimed at enhancing the game’s balance and competitive aspect. Notably, the patch brings a new leaderboard system while archiving the previous records. This move is in line with Rocksteady’s attempt to level the playing field, especially after implementing changes that would affect gameplay mechanics and player strategies.

The patch also addresses the game’s difficulty and progression for players at Mastery Level 46 and above. Enemy health scaling has been reduced at these levels, but to keep the challenge alive, enemies will now deal more damage. This change is expected to keep players on their toes, ensuring that the game remains challenging and engaging, even for those at higher mastery levels.

Other significant changes include adjustments to character abilities and XP earning mechanics. Heat Wave’s Molten Skin and The Turtle’s Shell shields now grant 90 percent damage reduction, down from the previous 100 percent, adding a slight increase in vulnerability for players relying heavily on these defenses. Furthermore, to curb XP farming exploits, Gizmo’s Support Squad missions will no longer award XP for vehicle kills. Players can still earn XP through mission completion, maintaining a pathway for progression without exploiting the system.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Burning damage to scale with both player damage buffs and enemy debuffs. Burning damage should only be scaling via enemy debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Toyman to stack multiple of the same Augment on your gear.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented modifications to Augments on your gear from saving after exiting a multi-player session and joining a single-player session.


  • Heat Wave’s Molten Skin & The Turtle’s Shell have had their damage reduction reduced from 100% to 90%.
  • Due to some players exploiting certain mission mechanics, vehicle kills during Gizmo’s Support Squad missions no longer grant XP. You are still awarded XP for mission completion.
  • With the fix to Burning damage, players will be less likely to get to the same Mastery Level as before.
  • As a result, we will be creating new Leaderboards in the interest of fairness. Fear not though, as we will be archiving the existing Leaderboards, so those currently atop the rankings will live on in infamy!
  • With the fix coming to Burning damage scaling and hearing the concerns around hitting a wall when climbing Mastery levels, we have reduced enemy health scaling for Mastery levels 46 and above.
  • To keep things challenging, enemies at Mastery level 46 and above will now deal more damage.
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