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Dying Light 2 gets new update on March 11, fixing numerous bugs and issues

Techland has announced that it’s releasing a crucial update for Dying Light 2, which should include fixes to both PC and consoles. Patch 1.15.3, which is now available for download, fixes numerous issues.

Players will no longer lose items when they complete a mission and have entire inventory full. This was causing players to lose items. They have been frustrated due to the Tolga and Fatin quest items loss because of lack of space. For this, Techland has provided a solution and will give these items to players once they log back in.

This update also fixes some visual and performance glitches, including the improvement of AI behavior, making it more realistic. Without further ado, you can find the full patch notes below.

Dying Light 2 1.15.3 Patch Notes for March 11



Today, we are releasing a hotfix addressing a number of known issues on PC and consoles:

  • Items given throughout the story will now be dropped on the ground if they did not fit into the inventory or stash
  • Players who lost the Tolga and Fatin quest items because their inventory and stash were full will now receive them after loading the game or sleeping in-game. An empty inventory and stash slot is required
  • Fixed an issue with a redundant blurry screen after using the performance benchmark option
  • Fixed an issue with Delta sometimes visibly clipping with environmental objects
  • Some changes to POIs, noises and flashlight making AI behavior more natural
  • Fixed an issue with a redundant shotgun available for purchase at Jai’s store
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while throwing molotovs while in a co-op session
  • Fixed an issue with missing additional loot from all containers inside the THV Genomics Center
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to pick up their dropped items after dying
  • Fixed an issue with showing negative numbers in statistics on Survivor Mission summary screens
  • Fixed visual glitches that could happen while using FSR/FSR2 upscalers
  • Fixed an issue with improper light distribution in the Saint Paul Cathedral
  • Fixed an issue with melee weapon damage affix for Villedor Monsters gear pieces which granted 70% bonus damage instead of 7%
  • Fixed an issue in the Lost Armory quest where both players in co-op could get stuck in a ‘Quest Failed’ screen if they failed when chasing Tackhead
  • UI text and translation tweaks
  • Fixed an issue with missing items if the player has a full stash and adds a new item into it
  • Items should return to players who lost them
  • Added a warning screen for the action
  • Rebalanced erroneously re-rolled gear affixes to pre-update state
  • Fixed an issue with player being unable to run if they changed weapon while aiming
  • Fixed one-time tutorials appearing on Community Maps
  • Fixed an issue where names of “Carriers Guild Locker” and “Board” are swapped in the Map legend
  • Fixed an issue with the Chi-Tu Charm granting -25% stamina cost with melee weapons instead of -15%
  • Fixed an issue where the First Pilgrim gear pieces restored 100% stamina instead of 10%
  • Added more variants of weak Biters to the AI population
  • Localisation and translation tweaks

Make sure you have the latest version of the game, which should be 1.15.3 after the fix.

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