Dying Light 2 Players, Prepare for New Challenges With the Fresh Bounty List

A fresh batch of weekly bounties has landed in “Dying Light 2,” offering a diverse set of tasks that promise to keep you on the move and fighting for survival. Whether you prefer the stealth and strategy of nighttime missions or the thrill of combat, there’s something for everyone.

Dying Light 2 New Bounties

Mutation Sample Collector:

  • Your mission: Collect 2500 mutation samples.
  • Reward: 200 RP

Expert Night Runner:

  • Your mission: Travel 5000 meters at night.
  • Reward: 400 RP

Night Walker:

  • Your mission: Traverse 2500 meters on foot after dark.
  • Reward: 200 RP

Pro Looter:

  • Your mission: Find 3 Rare or higher rarity Crystal Cores.
  • Reward: 300 RP

Post-Apocalyptic Soldier:

  • Your mission: Eliminate 50 infected using modified weapons.
  • Reward: 200 RP


  • Your mission: Gather 1000 mutation samples during the night.
  • Reward: 200 RP

Each bounty not only tests a different set of skills but also offers a unique chance to boost your capabilities through reward points. Keep in mind these bounties are here for a limited time. Once the countdown hits zero, a new set will take its place.

To jump into these bounties, head over to the game’s bounty page, where you can activate the challenges you’re interested in. It’s a perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills and earn some bragging rights along with useful in-game perks.

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