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Escape From Tarkov Arena is getting a big update today

Battlestate Games has revealed that Escape From Tarkov Arena will get a new update today, March 14. Titled Patch is considered a bigger one, considering the installation period, which will take approximately 3 hours and may even be extended if necessary. Oh, also, the maintenance will start in half an hour from the time of this writing.

Escape From Tarkov Arena has gone a long way, and this time, the developer will try to implement new features. Considering their reveal during the New Year’s stream, saying that Tarkov Arena will allow players to link with their official PMC character from Escape From Tarkov in Q1 of 2024, could this be the day this feature will become available?

So, could this be the update, boys? If this is the update, we’ll finally be able to rock our favorite loadouts in the game. Battlestate Games always releases the patch notes once the patch is released, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer until we share them here. Once they’re released, we’ll update this article. Fingers crossed!

Arena Patch Notes for March 14

List of changes:

Unranked game mode

An Unranked game mode has been added to the game, in which there are no restrictions on the selection of duplicate presets and the number of locations for matchmaking, as well as no change in ARP rating:

● TeamFight and ShootOut 2×2/3×3 are available for Unranked mode;

● Removed the team restriction on selecting duplicate presets;

● Reduced the minimum number of selected locations to 1 for matchmaking;

● Increased the cash rewards up to 20% for Tier 1, 30% for Tier 2, and 45% for Tier 3, in comparison to Ranked mode;

● On the Career screen, player stats are divided into Ranked and Unranked.


● Reduced the preset purchase time from 90 to 45 seconds;

● Reduced the match accept time from 30 to 25 seconds.


● Added a volume setting for the arena announcer:

  • The minimum volume is 30% of the current volume;

● Added a volume setting for the match accept notification:

  • The minimum volume is 30% of the current volume.


● Reduced the volume of radio turn on and turn off noises;

● Increased the overall volume of radios.


● Experience exceeding the amount of needed for currently selected preset will be carried over to the next preset.

Harder penalties for killing allies in a match

● Reduced the number of kills for warning penalty from 4 to 3;

● Reduced the number of kills for the offending player to be kicked and blocked from 6 to 4;

● Added the offending player block for killing and damaging allies before the gates open and for some time after:

  • The player is instantly killed and a warning is issued if they damage or kill an ally;
  • On a repeat offense, the player is instantly kicked from the match and blocked from matchmaking for 30 minutes;
  • If the player repeats the offense further, the punishment will be increased.


● The statistics displayed on the Rating screen now only count the results of Ranked games.

List of fixes:

● Fixed several issues causing the game accept screen to be missing for some group members.

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