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For Honor Season 8, v2.50.1 Patch Notes revealed

Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for For Honor’s Season 8. The patch, which was released today, includes plenty of changes. The main change in this update is the improvement and adjustments to multiple fighters, which is something players should be aware of.

As for the remaining patch notes, there are a couple of bug fixes, customizations, and more. Without further ado, you can find the changelog below.

Patch Notes 2.50.1




  • New Move: Nomad Swing
    • Switches your Mode from Staff-to-Axe or Axe-to-Staff in mid-chain
    • Performed by pressing Zone Attack input after any non-Finisher attack
    • Is a 500ms Attack
    • Deals 12 Damage
    • Costs 12 Stamina
  • Staff Mode Chained Lights no longer have Uninterruptible Stance
  • Staff Mode Finisher Lights no longer have Uninterruptible Stance
  • Axe Mode Finisher Lights:
    • Are now Undodgeable
    • Increased the forward movement


  • Dagger Cancel
    • Is now 366ms (down from 400ms)
    • Parry Window is now 166ms (down from 200ms)
  • Riposting Stab is now performed by pressing the Light attack button
  • Zone Attack 1st hit now costs 20 stamina (down from 10)
  • Deep Gouge no longer requires strict timing to perform
  • Stab after Guardbreak o longer requires strict timing to perform
  • Side Heavy Opener and Finisher Heavy weapon trajectories have been updated to have slightly longer side reach




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an animation after an Axe Mode Side Heavy Finisher that is Feinted and followed by another attack. ( FH-4884 )
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Out Of Lock Chained Light, Out Of Lock Finisher Light, Nomad Rush, Throne Usurper, and Throne Guard that sometimes caused them to miss.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Afeera’s mace to disappear when going on a ladder. ( FH-5475)

Varangian Guard

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Varangian Guard weapon to not get highlighted during an execution, when ‘H*** Gate’ effect is equipped.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the Spanish translation of the Varangian Guard’s name.

Black Prior

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a camera issue when performing Black Prior’s Tenebris Thrust.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Feats loadouts to be reset after closing the game. ( FH-6215 )


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Ocelot’s Remnant chest piece to pass through his body.  ( FH-6363 )
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Conqueror’s ornaments disappear when Megrez Helm is equipped.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gryphon’s ornament Tusk of Betrayal to be misplaced.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a visual issue with Raider’s arms when equipping Soemiligr gear.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a visual issue with Nobushi’s right arm when equipping Hokuto gear.
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