Koei Tecmo announced new AAA Studio with Hayashi Yosuke in Charge

Koei Tecmo is launching a new studio to craft an ambitious AAA game. The studio is ready to open in April and will be designated to work on an upcoming, brand new game. The person in charge will be Hayashi Yosuke, a well-known figure who has dedicated a lot of work to Ninja Gaiden and Nioh.

The announcement (via denfanicogamer) says that subsidiaries of Koei Tecmo Games will be merged into a new AAA development studio. This studio will work on upcoming AAA titles independently from existing brands.

Mr. Hayashi had already served as Koei Tecmo Games’ Entertainment Division Manager and Executive Vice President, but starting April 1st, he will step down with the goal of leading the new development studio.

We do not have further information regarding the project, but it’s expected to be a strong new IP that will be close to Hayashi Yosuke’s heart. Until we find out more, stay tuned!

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