Michael Gamble says Mass Effect’s development team are “Trilogy Veterans”

The Mass Effect world is getting bigger, and it feels like a big family get-together this time. The geniuses who took us on those epic original trilogy rides? They’re back in charge, and the excitement’s just rolling in. Our main guy, Michael Gamble, dropped some big news on social, giving us a sneak peek into this brand-new adventure, all cooked up by the folks who know it inside out.

Guess who’s back for another round of adventure?

Got a flashback of the hype for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Well, strap in, ’cause we’re heading for a massive comeback, thanks to the original dream team. Gamble lit X with a shoutout, welcoming back Derek Watts, Brenon Holmes, and Parrish Ley. Yep, the magic-makers behind the scenes of the worlds where we’ve spent countless hours lost in adventure.

Right back to what makes Mass Effect special

Feels like BioWare’s gone down memory lane, bringing back the OG creators for another spin. This reunion sends us a clear signal – they’re all in to bring back that special Mass Effect spark we all fell hard for. Picture this: diving into a new chapter, crafted with care by the same brilliant minds that created the universe we can’t get enough of. It’s like returning to a place that feels like home.

Sneak peek at the future: Unreal Engine 5 by 2029

The word is they’re leveraging the awesome Unreal Engine 5 to make our gaming dreams a reality. It’s all still in the works, but we’re promised a visual spectacle and gameplay smoother than ever. Patience is the game, though, as we’re on track for a 2029 release.

Sticking to the classics, they’re doubling down on rich storytelling and immersive character journeys, moving away from the open-world concept. With Unreal Engine 5’s magic, we’re all set for an experience that’s both refreshingly new and warmly familiar.

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